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The Humanistic Leader

Dr Craig Nathanson shares tips and techniques about how to lead people using humanistic leadership.



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Joyful Work



I firmly believe that the world works a little better when we do what we love. I specialize in helping adults in mid-life discover and live their vocational passion.


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The Best Manager


The Best Manager will give practical and useful ideas for those new managers just starting out, those in school studying management.


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The Humanistic Leader

Tips and techniques on how to lead people using humanistic leadership.

Joyful Work

The world works a little better when we do what we love.

The Best Manager

Get practical and useful ideas for those new managers just starting out.


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I contacted Craig because I needed guidance in determining how to proceed from being a stay-at-home-Mom to a career person again. Craig was very responsive and helpful through email. He asked very thought provoking questions. A lot of the work I did with Craig was self-realization and I found him very helpful in that regard. I would recommend his services to anyone looking for self-realization.




How to Manage Your Time Like a Leader

If you are in a management role, each day is a challenge, and it seems like there is never enough time. In fact, we all have the same amount of time each day — 24 hours. The difference is how we use it. To do so effectively, you have to be aware of several factors:... read more

Leadership Game Plan: Think Like A Coach

Call to mind a great coach you admire. What does this coach do right? Perhaps, he or she is good at teaching the rules of the game or at determining which roles each person must play on the team. Maybe this coach is great at facilitating all team members to get along... read more

The Criteria for Loving your Work?

It will increase the quality and happiness in your life Click To Tweet Indian thinker Krishnamurti (1987) believed that there are many people who want to be famous because they don’t love what they do. He believed that our present success is rotten because it teaches... read more

Why Donald Trump Got Firing All Wrong?

Regardless of your politics, it’s hard to ignore the fact that in the past few months while campaigning for the Republican nomination for the presidency, Donald Trump has proven quite quotable. But before all this stumping, he was well-known for the boardroom-table... read more

What is a Manager?

There are many perspectives The organizational stakeholders expect their managers to comply and reach expected goals. In public companies, shareholders expect managers to be frugal and exceed all financial goals. Individual workers (people) have different expectations... read more

Planning Takes Vision – and HR

To be successful, companies should always be looking to the future and creating a plan for tomorrow. You may think that the planning is restrained to corner offices and the upper echelon on management. Actually, human resources has an important role to play. In fact,... read more

New Approaches are Needed for Career Development

More than likely, you’ve been asked this question by your manager or HR: Where do you see yourself in 5 years? 10 years? But rarely is this follow-up question asked of management in return: How are you going to help me achieve my goals? Perhaps it’s because many... read more

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