This crisis is historical, tragic and has affected all of us.

A solution will be found and this crisis will be solved. The bigger question is, will we learn from this?

I hope we do pay attention to these important 15 lessons:

  1. Planning and being prepared is an investment in our future.
  2. We must shift our global priorities to people over profit if we want to live in a sustainable world.
  3. We will get more done working together and dependent on each other than working alone.
  4. Collaboration is better than competition if we want a better world.
  5. Life is fragile and we should take better care of ourselves.
  6. We should be more self-aware and not take things for granted.
  7. Our urge to consume more than we need should change to better function in this modern world.
  8. Cooperation and tolerance not violence must be the way going forward.
  9. We should appreciate more of what we already have vs. what we think we need.
  10. Human connections are more important than material connections.
  11. We must change our current systems and there should be NO going back to the status quo.
  12. Human health is a right and should never again be used for profit.
  13. Being angry at others JUST makes us unprepared for the bigger challenges in life.
  14. Nurturing relationships and joyful work will ease the pain of any crisis.
  15. We need more humanistic leaders to avoid mistakes of the past.

Key learning summary

If we are to learn from this crisis, life should never again be the same. We must change the ways in which we function in our world and our planet. This period of time should be a paradigm shift since a lot of what we thought before was right and now we discovered was wrong.

There is no longer a place in the world for investing in profit over people, violence over cooperation.  We should DEMAND this change.

We should learn that as a world society, we have invested in the wrong places. Humanistic leadership is critical NOW for leading ourselves and others in new ways which sustain all of us and our environment. There is no going back. We should be optimistic that this crisis will be overcome. We must not treat this event as a battle to be won. Instead, we must learn from this moment in history, and if we want a better world and a better life for all of us, a new path is needed.

To follow this path, we must step back, reflect, learn our lessons from Covid-19 and CHANGE FOR A BETTER FUTURE.