What’s it like to work with Craig Nathanson?

Q:   Who are the best candidates for vocational coaching?

A:  Craig primarily works with people who have 15 years or more of professional work experience, from all industries and all parts of the world. Typical clients are ages 36-70. He also works with stay-at-home moms, many of whom have never worked or haven’t worked for a long time. They come to Craig as a result of a crisis: a divorce, an empty nest or another mid-life challenge, and they have decided the time is right to find their life’s work. Craig also works with professional athletes whose careers have ended or are coming close to ending and need a new path.

Q:   How can Craig help me?

A:   Craig acts as a third-party sounding board. He helps you come up with new and creative work ideas based on your passions. He listens and observes patterns in what you want, helping you to creatively move toward action. Craig acts as your creativity coach and supports you as you try new approaches and ideas. You’ll move forward by testing your new ideas and challenging your assumptions.

Q:   What if I don’t know what my passions are?

A:  That’s OK. With each client, Craig pursues a different set of strategies and methods. He’ll start by guiding you to explore your life.

Q:   What can I expect to gain by the end the program?

A:   Prior to any session with Craig, he will review a client’s homework and weekly progress. This is important. Craig’s clients finish each session feeling more creative, more optimistic, more confidence and a specific prescription from Craig on the next steps. By the end of 6 month or 12 month program, clients will have become more self-aware and be well on their way to a new authentic life focused around their work which they are passionate about.

If you are already following your passion but are not making the necessary income, Craig will help you define a path to accomplish this.

If you already know what your passion is and simply have a hard time coming up with ways to leverage what you do, Craig will help you with practical and creative ideas to help you make progress toward your goals.

Q:   Can the program help me deal with life’s other challenges that come up; relationships, finances, and emotions?

A:  Yes. It’s difficult to pursue one’s passion in mid-life without some or all of these issues coming up. Together, you and Craig will pursue ideas, strategies, and methods to help you deal with the tough questions that will come up.

Q:   I’m feeling like I should also see a therapist. If I see Craig, does that mean I don’t need to also see someone else?

A:   Craig will assess this need when you initially meet. While there are some challenges that require the medical model of intervention, Craig feels very qualified to assist in the many issues of life that may come up as you pursue your vocational passion. His method does not involve labeling of your condition. He focuses, instead, on each person as a unique individual who just wants to make a difference in the world.

Q:   How long will it take? How long will I work with Craig?

A: Each client is different. Craig’s major focus is working with clients over a longer period of time 6 or 12 months-The most popular program is 6 months. These programs are paid in full in advance. Craig feels this helps a client to make a commitment to change.

Each session is 60 minutes long and held over the phone or via Zoom for those clients who wish a phone and face to face experience! Clients meet bi-weekly to get support and coaching for all elements of their life focused around their work. In each session, you’ll work with Craig to put together a clear plan, with new ideas that will move you towards what you want in your life and your work. You’ll become clear about what you want, and you’ll develop momentum in moving toward it. Craig will offer one session as an introduction and as an opportunity to work with a client prior to signing up for the longer term programs which are comprehensive.

Q:   How do Craig’s services differ from those of other coaches?

A:   Craig works exclusively with mid-life clients, especially professional athletes.. This is his passion, his niche and his specialty. Craig draws from 25 years experience in corporate life, 18 years of doctoral research on the intersection between work, mid-life and vocation and his own mid-life transition and personal journey. He has experienced first-hand much of what his clients are going through, and that makes him an empathetic coach to those in mid-life.

Q:   Does Craig deal with other life challenges as well?

A:   Many of Craig’s clients who seek to make changes in their vocational lives also encounter financial, emotional and relationship challenges along the way. His background in human development allows Craig to help make a difference in these areas as well.

Q:   How do I work with Craig?

A:   Craig works with his clients throughout the United States, Europe, Australia, Canada, and many other parts of the world by phone and Zoom. This gives Craig and prospective clients a chance to work together. All sessions are paid in US dollars via credit card.

Q:   Can Craig help me follow my passion and earn an income at the same time?

A:   Craig is highly creative and looks forward to brainstorming all the possibilities. At the same time, he will remind you that your dreams are possible, despite the financial obstacles. If you review Craig’s coaching testimonials, you’ll read about the successes that his clients have achieved with Craig’s assistance.

Q:   Why does Craig do this work?

A:  Mid-life vocational counseling is very fulfilling and meaningful for Craig. He has been curious all his life about why some people seem to be so happy with their chosen work while others are so miserable. The purpose of Craig’s life is to help people in mid-life discover and live the work that draws from and enhances their passions. He chooses to work with people one-on-one, so they can make a difference for themselves and for others along the way.

Q:   How much does coaching cost?

A:   Craig Offers, 3, 6 and 12-month programs. These comprehensive programs cost $3000 for three months, $5500 for the six-month program and $9500 for the one year program. Additionally, Craig offers a one time only one-hour introduction to his work for $200. This gives Craig and prospective clients a chance to work together. All sessions are paid in advance with a major credit card. The comprehensive programs can be continued at the same rates for as long as the clients choose.

Online payment is preferred. Special arrangements for payment by check can be made with Craig.

Q:   How much does coaching cost?

A:  Each client starts with an 100 question assessment which is self-scoring. The client receives access to over 25 podcasts which Craig has produced. These can be downloaded or listened to in real time.

The client also receives:

  • E book – How to discover and live your passion 365 days a year (This workbook will be completed during the sessions and reviewed with feedback from Craig each session)
  • Craig’s books, Joyful Work in Midlife – the Five Stages and How to find RIGHT work during challenging times-a new approach to life and work after 40
  • The E-Booklet- 30 Days of vocational passion
  • And ………Craig’s weekly review of your weekly report and progress with email feedback in addition to the normal bi-weekly meetings.
  • And if you sign up for Craig’s newsletter (E-zine) you will receive regular ideas and articles from Craig to support you on your journey.

Q:   Does Craig have products and other resources to assist?

Yes. Craig has over 45 products (Podcasts and Books) which includes his newest book, Joyful Work – The five stages. All of these products are available at Craig’s on-line store

Q:   How do I get started with Craig?

A:   It’s easy. Just go on-line and sign up for which program you are interested in. Call him directly at 707-774-6446 or e-mail him at  He will let you know available dates and times and will email you to confirm an appointment. Craig will also meet briefly at no cost to answer questions about the coaching programs either via Zoom, phone or email

Q:   What forms of payment does Craig accept?

A:   He accepts all major credit cards and/or checks. The preferred payment method is your major credit card, using the shopping cart on his website.

Q:   How often do I meet with Craig?

A: The sessions are held every two weeks. In between sessions there is homework, weekly report follow-up and extensive feedback and review of plans and progress.

These programs are paid up front with an understanding to complete the entire program. Craig finds this helps clients to make the commitment to make positive change in their life.

Q.  Can I talk to current or past clients to help me with my decision?

A:   Yes. Simply review the “real story” profiles and testimonials listed here. Then, let Craig know which person you’d like to follow up with. He will provide you with contact information.

“I’ve been working with Craig weekly for several months. I am continually impressed with how intuitive Craig is. He always has my best interests and objectives in mind, even when I veer off track. I’ve read the books (P is for Perfect, Zen and the Art of Making a Living, What Color is Your Parachute, Career Guide for Creative and Unconventional People, etc.) and I’ve met with other career counselors. I’ve gone to University career centers, spent hours online, and done work on my own trying find a career that combines my passions, talents and experience. I can honestly say that I’ve never been so on-track. I feel incredibly lucky to have found Craig. I profit from his career and interpersonal wisdom. My sessions with Craig are absolutely the best investment I have made in my vocational life. Anyone who is not satisfied with their vocational life WILL benefit immensely from working with Craig.”

– Lance A. Wexler, from California

“Craig helped me to focus my energy on what I love to do rather than on just finding another job. With his guidance and counsel, I have started going down a path I never would have thought of on my own. He’s been a great coach and mentor.”

– Minna Vallentine, from California

“Craig combines intellect, creativity, caring for people, research and humor in a unique synthesis that makes a positive, special and inspiring difference to all those with whom he works.”

– Dr. Jeremy J. Shapiro, New York City, professor and author, Mindful Inquiry

“Clearing the fog, enhancing personal and career clarity, showing how my ideal career is attainable. All now! These are just a few statements that describe the value of working with Craig. In a short amount of time he has helped me become focused and has guided me toward my goals. I highly recommend him.”

– Jim Goebelbecker, from Boston