December Thoughts from Dr Nathanson

Happy Holidays!

The five stages model (Step four and change)

When life throws us a curveball, it is essential to swing. If, however, after reflection, one chooses to go back to the treadmill, it will make significant change even harder later.
Instead, strive to be flexible and open to change, and most importantly, take a swing, and you might hit the ball and discover something new about yourself.

The Ten P Model (Purpose)

I developed the Ten P model in 2001, as one process for reflection, toward building a roadmap for one’s life and path to joyful work. Later in 2015, I incorporated this model into the latest Joyful Work Model.

The Ten P model starts with purpose.

If you had to answer this question, what is my life’s purpose?
What would you say? Start thinking about where your energy is right NOW and where you want to contribute to the world. Planting the seed with purpose will grow new ideas and possibilities for you later.

The Ten P Model (Possibilities)

This holiday season, start to think about what is possible for you.
Often, we waste time thinking of what is impossible.
Your mind can’t tell the difference between what you imagine and what is real when you think of new possibilities for your future.
Whatever you focus on, you will start to move towards.
Happy holidays, and much good health and happiness!

The most important thing a humanistic leader can do

The most important thing a humanistic leader can do is show that they value other people and their work.

The humanistic leader is a good writer!

Writing can be challenging, given how much time we spend scrolling on our phones and texting!
My top 5 tips for better writing:

Write something daily (and I don’t mean texting)

Read physical books (this enables better writing)

Mindmap your ideas before writing (this helps to organize your mind)

Write with an active voice ( Read this now)

Use simple words (use words that you would typically use)

Ok, so now have fun writing and sharing your ideas with others!

The best rewards

The best rewards are the ones that we give ourselves!
When these rewards come from internal motivations, we appreciate them more and know there are no strings attached or higher bars to climb.

Do you know HOW your net worth is calculated?

I was thinking about this topic during my morning walk.
For myself, it is the amount of well-being and kindness that I give to others.
I have learned that the more you invest in others, your net worth will grow.
This investment does NOT require a RETURN!

Today is the most important day in your life.

Yesterday is gone, and tomorrow isn’t here yet.
All you have is today, best lived moment to moment, learning, loving, being kind, and helpful to others.
Humanistic leaders who approach their lives in this way significantly impact themselves and their followers in positive ways.
This mental mindset can take a lifetime to understand, but your life will change positively when it occurs, and the world and those around you will be impacted.

Happy holidays!