Get the tools that will empower you to lead your team to success in the workplace

Our roadmap will help you lead your team to better metrics


We will teach you the importance of being a self-aware leader

You wIll learn how to be a systems thinker as a leader in your industry

We will show you how to communicate with care and compassion as a leader

Discover the differences between leading, managing and coaching

As a leader do you struggle with:

Getting desired results from your team

Creating a positive work environment

Developing sustainable outcomes

Inspiring purpose, vision and goal setting with your employees

If so then this workshop is for you!
Become the big picture thinker and leader you were meant to be!

In my many years as a senior manager at a public company, we constantly had to figure out how to implement new ideas through people. I was measured against metrics that reflected the performance of my team. Leading my team well led to better metrics. But rarely did I receive feedback that I was a great leader of people.

Here’s what I realized: As business leaders, the things we know we must do right are the very same accomplishments we’ll rarely get credit for, Like leading people well.

That’s how the Humanistic Leadership Model was born.

Now, through education and coaching, I help fellow leaders drive sustainable outcomes from a place of authenticity, purpose, and joy. All things that can’t be measured… but that ultimately fuel better metrics.

What is a humanistic leader?

As a humanistic leader, it’s about the little, unmeasurable things you do that will lead to measurably better results, a positive work environment, and – ultimately – a better society.

Imagine if you could help everyone at your company feel the type of motivation only they can fuel – the kind that comes from a place of internal purpose and meaning. That, would be more effective and sustainable than any expectation you could place on them.

That’s what the Humanistic Leadership certification can help you do for your team.

How It Works:

Your team will learn practical strategies for leading themselves and others, while building positive working relationships.

Workshop Outline (six hours)

We invite leaders like you to take on a new approach that helps people find purpose and meaning in work – so the metrics fall into place.

Meet Your Workshop Facilitator:

Dr. Craig Nathanson is an educator, author, speaker, and leadership coach who developed the Humanistic Leadership Model© and Joyful Work Model©. He has taught at universities around the world in Asia, Europe and North America.

In Dr. Nathanson’s humanistic leadership work with organizations he integrates his experience working in various senior management positions and draws from more than twenty years of research on the intersection of work and personal development.


“I am a big fan of Dr. Craig Nathanson.  I love his approach to humanistic leadership. His Humanistic Leadership framework makes sense and helps focus your attention on the elements of leadership that matter most. He clarifies the various roles a leader has to accomplish to do a good job, creating vision, helping to organize the work and to support people in their work.  The core of his approach is both self-awareness and the integration of ethics.  Humanistic Leadership is a mindset. It is something individuals decide to do and bring to all aspects of their lives, including their work.  It’s about purpose and focus and thinking better and more systematically about how to accomplish your objectives. His focus is on becoming self-aware is so you can better lead yourself. Once you can make better, more ethical, and effective choices other people will come to you for leadership. That’s how it works. Dr. Nathanson’s work and approach to teaching people how to be better people so they can be better leaders is wonderful. I highly recommend his workshops and programs to learn how to be someone worthy of following.”

Jennifer Hancock Founder Humanist Learning Systems
Former president of the International Humanistic Management Association

“Dr.Nathanson, thank you so much for your certification workshop on Humanistic Leadership. The workshop made a difference for the executive staff, and we feel good about our direction forward as a humanistic company. I am so glad our HR director referred you to us. I look forward to further work together in the future.”

JoJo Rafanan CEO, Careintouch Healthcare, Fremont, Ca

“Very much enjoyed the program. It was very informative and I appreciate Dr. Nathanson’s style and manner of speaking. He articulates his knowledge and experience very well.”

HR Professional-Northern California

“Dr. Nathanson has been a huge hit and we’re looking forward to having him back for more. He has a professional yet fun and friendly demeanor that makes him extremely relatable and engaging.”

Nicole Serres, Former President – Star Staffing

“Dr. Nathanson, your work has impacted our research and writing. We plan to include the Humanistic Leadership Model in our book chapter in a new book that will discuss the way forward after Covid for organizations and their people. We both hold strong beliefs about the value of humanistic leadership and appreciate that your work validates our work.”

Susie Vaughan – Executive Leadership Coach
Angela Lehr – Licensed Counselor and Leadership Consultant

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