Are you concerned?

Are you concerned about the health of our planet due to the climate crisis? You should be.

The challenges and what to do about it for many people can be overwhelming. Many people assume or hope that someone else is doing something about this.

The best that you can do is to take action for yourself and do your best to make yourself sustainable.

Imagine if the other 7 billion people in the world did this as well.

Would this solve the global crisis? It sure can help to try!

So, here are 20 ideas.

Apply these ideas and you just might influence the other 7 billion people as well. Worst case, at least you will be living the best authentic life doing what you can.

1.  Do the work you enjoy.

(When you have joyful work, all the other indicators in your life will go up.)

2. Become aware of your personal biases towards others

(Acknowledge what you feel and understand where your biases come from and work hard to minimize them, so they do not impact your relationships with others)

3. Start a project, something which really interest you. Design it, implement and develop it!

(Being creative will enable sustainability.)

4. Take care of someone. It could be a family member or friend or even a pet.

(You will help not just yourself but someone else to be sustainable)

5. Live a smaller footprint.

(Less is more. See where you can live daily with less and make your contribution to the preservation of your world.)

6. Become more peaceful.

(This is the best way to inspire those around you to give up their angry thoughts as well.)

7. Be grateful to your parents.

(Regardless of your situation, understand that parenting does not come with a training manual and your parents did the best that they could at the time.)

8. Learn about another culture whose language and customs are much different than your own.

(This will teach you to reduce any bias which you have.)

9. Be more aware of what you eat.

(Some foods take more resources from the earth then necessary; educate yourself.)

10. Be tolerant of yourself.

(This will teach you to be tolerant of others.)

11. Become less “your country centric” and become more “global centric”.

(Cooperation, understanding and knowledge lead to peace, not competition, violence, threats and ignorance.)

12. Think more deeply before acting.

(This is systems thinking and will make you aware of any unintended consequences of your actions.)

13. Smile often to others 🙂

(This will influence positive thoughts in others!)

14. Exercise at least four days a week.

(Pick an exercise you enjoy otherwise you won’t do it.)

15. Slow down and take at least 10 minutes a day for reflection.

(How you do this is up to you.)

16. Be your own best friend. Be kind to yourself. Give up trying to be perfect. Learn to forgive any past mistakes.

(Only then will you be able to accept others and their faults.)

17. Read an old-fashioned physical book.

(Reading books will force you to make pictures in your mind which in turn produce deeper learning.)

18. Nurture the environment.

(Give back to nature. Clean up, plant, water, and help something else to grow.)

19. Walk more, drive less.

(When in doubt walk, as you will get exercise and conserve more.)

20. Never give up.

(Being the best that you can be and also support others and their dreams.)

Become a more sustainable person today. Don’t underestimate the personal power and positive influence which you can be for the other 7 billion people in the world. Our planet needs this from you now.