Have you or someone you know recently left a career, changed professions or just graduated?

It can be a challenging time especially when your profession has been the only work that you know. We can help you!

This can be a time to re-create a life centered around new work that is perfect for you.


The definition of work that I teach is doing what you love for most of the day and most of your life.


Now is a good time to move toward creating change in work that gives more fulfillment and meaning in life.


There is a vast difference between decision and action; taking the first step is crucial.


The next chapter of life, when in transition, can be the best one yet.

It’s time to assess the current state of your work life!


admit what you want

and move towards it

I did it and have been researching, writing about, and speaking on work transition for many years so that the positive outcomes will result.

It’s not easy, and it can be difficult to make changes. Any transition can be a challenging time. Your family, relationships, career, and finances all compete for attention.

You will encounter negative feedback from others, lack of support, and challenges along the way. Positive work transition happens with focus, passion, and a commitment to gain more in one’s vocational life.

First, imagine and think it through: What would a perfect vocational day be for you?

In my research, I found that many people can better deal with life’s challenges once they find out and follow what is important to them. It’s not easy, but it’s a journey well worth it.

The Joyful Work Model©

In 2015, I created the Joyful Work Model© to enable a structure that creates a roadmap for life and work. I invested many years of research on work transition and written multiple books, including “How to Find a RIGHT Work During Challenging Times” (2010) and “Joyful Work in Midlife – The Five Stages” (2013).

Transition is an excellent time to re-create your life and work. There is no time like the present moment to create more fulfillment and meaning in life by doing what you love throughout the day and for the rest of your life.

Let’s do this together, I am here for you!

I am now offering my workshop to members of associations like yours, that will help enable you to define your idea of a perfect vocational day plus we will show you how to plan a roadmap and pursue it.

Workshop Outline (six hours)

The Joyful Work – workshop can give you practical ideas, tips and exercises for those of you who are in transition and lead you to a more authentic life.

Meet Your Workshop Facilitator:

Dr. Craig Nathanson is an educator, author, speaker, and leadership coach who developed the Humanistic Leadership Model© and Joyful Work Model©. He has taught at universities around the world in Asia, Europe and North America.

In Dr. Nathanson’s humanistic leadership work with organizations he integrates his experience working in various senior management positions and draws from more than twenty years of research on the intersection of work and personal development.


Craig’s presentation on Joyful work was thoughtful, engaging and provided helpful “food for thought” as I review my career and values. Thank you for sharing. I will be speaking in a few weeks to about 50-60 high school and college students who are in a summer internship program and I am planning to share some of Craig’s comments with the students.

Leonard Weingarten (San Rafael Chamber of Commerce)

The workshop that you gave to General Motors Baltimore Women in Manufacturing Organization was well received by the attendees. In speaking with each of the women after the event, it was apparent that everyone brought something very personal away from the workshop that they hadn’t considered previously. It was important for our group to actually take some time to reflect on what our vision of our perfect vocational day could be. Thank you for your time and insight!

Kate Williams, Chair-TMIE, General Motors-Powertrain – Baltimore Operations

I thoroughly enjoyed Mr. Nathansons presentation. I felt he spoke well with clarity, he captured the attention of the entire audience, and most of all touched on things or events that are relevant in today’s working and social world. He gave people a better perspective of their own lives and decisions that they will make later on in life. His presentation made me look twice at my own personal short and long term goals, career and family that make me think.
“What is most important to me”?


The workshop was timely and very easy to follow. I highly recommend this workshop for anyone who wants more out of their life! This workshop helps people progress with confidence!

Dr. Pat Hayden – Washington, D.C.

I am a fifty-two year old divorced woman starting over. I was scared, dejected and concerned about my future. Craig was able to help me discern what brought me joy and passion.

In his thorough and methodic way, Craig has guided me to my dream of writing and being a public speaker. I never would have had the courage to believe in myself, without his tremendous gift of sharing his passion for helping others.

Anna Maria

We’re now booking this workshop for associations like yours with members in work transition.

If you’re interested learning the skills it takes to build your own road map or want to offer your association members the skills they need to have a Joyful Work Life, Contact Us Today!

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