March thoughts from Dr. Nathanson

Ten steps to becoming an enlightened person

Don’t always try to win or be right
Strive for peace and collaboration
Don’t take sides
Accept different points of view
Encourage cooperation
Strive for a joyful life
Be hopeful
Be compassionate
Have inner peace
Self-reflect daily

These ten steps are also essential for humanistic leadership of ourselves and others


Humanistic Leadership is about compassion toward others.
I remember many years ago when leading, one of my staff, an I.T. programmer, was out suddenly at work during a crucial project implementation- her husband of many years died, and she was preparing the intricate funeral arrangements. When she returned ten days later, I told her instead of working; I was sending her to a one-day class about working in the garden, a passion of hers.

I paid for it myself, as I knew my management or H.R. would not approve it as job-related! When she returned, she said she appreciated the opportunity to not suddenly start her work, making her transition to working a bit easier. Years later, she told me how much it had meant the organization had supported her during her difficult time.

The organization, of course, would never have approved this since they would say the gardening class wasn’t job-related, and they were right and also very wrong.

Often as a humanistic leader, you do the RIGHT thing.

The best role model is yourself.

By displaying positive behavior daily, you are role-modeling humanistic values for others.
Through daily practice of humanistic values, you are significantly impacting your world!

The importance of abilities and interests

As a humanistic leader, it is essential to ensure people have their abilities and deepest interests aligned at work. It’s much easier to learn something when you’re interested than to be good at something and no longer interested.

Do you want to have a vacation for the rest of your life?

JUST have joyful work!

With joyful work, you can’t tell the difference between Monday or Friday, Work or Play, and vocation or vacation!

Welcome to Spring!

I will be cheering you on each step of the way!

Dr. Craig Nathanson