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Anasuya Krishnaswamy

Ph.D Engineer turns to healing!

Anasuya studied science and engineering for many years, including research in experimental solid-state physics, and was fascinated by the principles of quantum mechanics, the principles that governed the electronic devices and crystal structures she studied. After graduation she worked as a product development engineer in the semiconductor industry. As her focus of study narrowed in graduate school, she maintained her connection to the natural world and her spiritual self by hiking, mountain biking, and mountain climbing. In addition, she steeped herself in yoga and tai chi, healing repetitive stress injuries that found no other cures. She continued something her parents introduced her to at an early age traveling at home and abroad, meeting many different people and encountering many different cultures and landscapes.

While working in the semiconductor industry she had a dream that she was a published author of fiction and in the dream, when she asked her high school English teacher “Isn’t that weird?” her teacher said, “No, that seems natural.” She began taking fiction writing classes, photography classes, and writing her stories. She left the semiconductor world to continue on this path, writing stories and poetry, taking landscape photographs, completing an MFA in creative writing, publishing two short stories, completing certification in yoga teacher training, and beginning her training as an energy medicine practitioner in The Healing the Light Body School of The Four Winds Society, a body of knowledge and teachings based on the traditions of the ancient healers of Peru and now being shared by their descendents with the people currently living in North America.

During her time writing and learning healing techniques, Anasuya tutored math and science and consulted on patent litigation. When her last contract ended, she applied for various technical positions, even though she knew in her heart that she wanted to write, take pictures, and do healing work. When Craig Nathanson gave a talk at her networking meeting, she felt compelled to seek his guidance and creative problem solving. Within two days of Craig and Anasuya discussing giving seminars on the healing work, an old friend asked Anasuya to give a talk to faculty and staff at USC through the Center for Work and Family Life. The talk proved very successful and the beginning of her new path was lit. The universe, Craig, and her intuition guided Anasuya by opening the way toward the artistic and healing path.

She now provides individual healing sessions at Lavande Spa and Boutique in Lafayette, CA, and offers publications of her writing and photography as well talks and workshops.

Anasuya has always sought to experience, know, gain wisdom, and when possible understand the many faces of life, connected by a universal energy, perhaps not always visible to us. She seeks to find meaning and joy in this life and to help others do the same.

What can we learn from Anasuya’s story?

We all have gifts which are unique and ready to offer the world. Sometimes we just need a little nudge a little inspiration to bring these natural gifts to awareness. Once we do, our lives begin to take a shape which is just right for us!

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