ArLyne Diamond

ArLyne Diamond

Former Therapist turns to Consulting and teaching!

In a rare twist, former therapist ArLyne Diamond decided to use her skills in new ways.

She always loved to help people and see them grow. After a major calamity in her life—that lasted several years—came the transition period for ArLyne. She decided to change from therapy work to consulting. She found a way to continue to make her PASSIONS her work. She figured out how to continue to do what she loved best—help other people grow through her consulting and teaching.

From the time ArLyne was a pre-teen, she was involved in helping people. As a volunteer, she worked with paraplegics, quadriplegics, and psychiatric patients in the Bronx VA Hospital. As a pre-teen, ArLyne became involved with B’nai Brith Girls and moved into many leadership positions in the organization. ArLyne then went on to become the youngest President of the Adult Woman’s Club and during that time, she was also a counselor to B’nai Brith Girls clubs.

Although Arlyne worked in office jobs in her early professional career, her passion for helping people never ceased, so, when the opportunity presented itself, ArLyne started college at nights while working full time during the day. It took a long time, and ArLyne sometimes says it felt like one hundred years of school at nights, but the payoff was a master’s degree and then a doctorate in psychology. With the master’s degree, she was able to have her own very successful therapy, forensic and consulting practice. Today, ArLyne lives her passion as her life’s work.

What can we learn from ArLyne?

By making your passion work, you open up countless opportunities to develop and grow and thrive