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Dana Hall

Dana Hall

Dana Hall encourages Baby Boomers to live passionate lives

Dana’s story is one of renewal and reinvention at mid-life.  She is a 46-year-old wife and mother of two. Dana describes her life as if it has just begun. Before kids, she was a senior underwriter for a national insurance company. She remembers being 30 years old, working at a career that did not bring her joy, and thinking how wonderful it would be to have a job she loved. At that time, Dana had no idea what that job would be.

Fifteen years ago, her first child was born with a major birth defect; he was born without an esophagus. Years of surgeries and stress, and Dana and her husband found themselves in counseling. Fortunately, the counselor asked Dana the question, “What are your hopes and dreams?” Dana had no idea.

Dana embarked upon a journey of self-discovery. She learned to live her life authentically. She learned that the old, negative views of herself that kept her in a box were untrue. Dana learned to trust herself and to take a chance on her dreams and on herself. She concluded that life should be lived fully, and with passion.

Dana’s dream is to inspire others to discover their passions, and live their own passionate lives. She created Passionate for Life, the online magazine for living your passionate life.http://www.passionateforlife.com.

Dana enlisted writers and life coaches who are all passionate about living their best lives, and about helping others do the same, to work on the magazine with her. On Passionate for Life, the key elements of living life with passion are addressed. Dana’s new on-line community explores the power of passion; how to discover your passion; how to live a life of purpose, authentically and with passion; the art of living passionately; finding your dream career; reinventing yourself mid-life, and many more related topics.

Dana suggests that today’s baby boomers are very lucky to live in a time when reinventing ourselves at mid-life is not only acceptable, but encouraged. These baby boomers are paving the path for future generations, and changing the “look” of mid-life.

What can we learn from Dana?

The only thing holding us back is action. With each new action-step on a new journey comes new discovery and energy for a more fulfilling life.

Passionate for Life
What are you Passionate about?


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