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Denise Meyer

Denise Meyer

Finding passion in beauty and lots of learning!

Growing up in a small country town in Victoria Australia, Denise always felt like she did not belong, she seemed to have thought possible a different way one she was never exposed too, but sure was out there somewhere the UK perhaps even Europe, she would sit and listen to America’s top 40 and used to dreamed of an international life style but had no idea exactly what that would look like or how she would get there, all she knew is that she wanted to be far away from where she was!

Denise not only longed for another place she was also passionate about all things beauty, hair, skin and makeup, fashion and music floated her boat. For a long time she thought she wanted to be a hairdresser, but the world kept saying no. After going to a career counselor, Denise discovered the world of Beauty Therapy. At 21 Denise was accepted into the best beauty therapy school in Australia. Her first two classes where facials and massage and Denise fell in love!

When Denise landed her first role as a Beauty Therapist she loved it, at the time spa was HUGE so she made the switch after 2 years from a full service beauty salon to a spa resort, sitting and watching the creek outside her window, while working on clients, she still dreamed of far off places. So she moved home to her mums to save money to go overseas on an adventure. Theonly role at available at the time was a role teaching beauty therapy. Her friends encouraged her to apply even though she felt like she was not experienced enough. Regardless she was accepted for the role. It was two years of personal and professional growth, leaving her with even more drive.

It was during this time that Denise was exposed to an international skin care company that not only changed her skin for the better, but gave her a renewed passion and a very clear career goal. That was to become an educator for this company no matter what. Denise built a strong rapport with the team of this company and when it came time for their next training centre to open and the need for a local educator they knocked on Denise’s door and without hesitation she said yes, as secretly this was her way of living and working overseas!

Two years into her tenure with this company and finally the door of opportunity knocked again, Denise how would you like to transfer to New York? The answer was a big fat yes! When can I leave? At 31 years of age finally all the hard work had paid off and Denise was finally on her way to somewhere else. But so was the world having signed her inter – company transfer contract on September 11th 2001.

Hitting 39 was a turning point for Denise, she was 8 years into her international dream and was feeling very unfulfilled. The things that kept coming to her mind was, if I am going to work this hard, why am I not doing it for myself? As when she met her partner in life Samy (who is a hairdresser) a long forgotten dream surfaced…I/we have always wanted my/our own business and we don’t want to live here anymore! Big problem though, Denise was on a work visa waiting for my green card to come through and the economy just tanked!

At this time Denise hired the services of Craig Nathanson, The Vocational Coach, as she felt she was stuck with no get out of jail free cards! As Denise was doing the work with Craig and getting clearer on the vision of their business, her world started to change 2 months into their work together, Denise’s green card was denied and within months she was back in Australia and kicked out of the company she had passionately worked with for 8 years.

Although this time was sad and scary and full of an unknown future, Craig mentored Denise through creating her resume and applying for positions so that she could regain all the savings spent on the move back to Australia, each interview lead to a bigger salary thanks to Craig. All this was happening while passionately working on the business of her dreams in partnership with the man of her dreams, which is sitting quietly waiting for its launch.

Denise’s time with Craig was a personal growth time, he gladly listened and worked in and around my needs at all times, all while gently coaxing me back on track, during a time of difficult transition.

What can we learn from Denise?

Life has a way of making us take notice; it keeps gnawing away at us, until we take action. The action we take will lead us to our right place in the world, living our dream. It may not happen exactly how we might like, but trust your instinct you always know what is right for you and your life

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