Faith Smith


Faith Smith makes a name for herself with Eyes Cream Shades!

Faith Smith did everything right. She graduated Tufts University with a B.A. in social psychology and went on to attend law school at New England School of Law where she attained “law review” status her first year. She was involved in media (television and radio news production) and in real estate as a top producing agent. Then Faith decided to take a new look at her life and a new PERSPECTIVE emerged.

It was only when Faith started her own company that she started to see a higher purpose for herself—a purpose with much more meaning for Faith. Today, Faith is the Founder and President of Eyes Cream Shades—quality sunwear for kids ages 6 months and above. Sunglasses are not toys or novelty items. They serve an important health function—protecting kids’ eyes. Born from this concept came cool designs and fun styles in ice cream colors like bubble gum, vanilla, choco-raspberry and marshmallow. All of these lenses are polycarbonate—virtually shatter-proof—they all provide 100% UVA and UVB protection. Her line is now a recognized brand within the optical arena, and they also sell well in high-end boutiques and hotel/resort gift shops.

We all understand the effects of harmful UV on our skin, and parents do not hesitate to put sunscreen on themselves and their kids. Research shows that cumulative exposure to ultraviolet radiation has been linked to cataracts, macular degeneration, and skin cancer, among other ocular problems. What’s more; it’s been estimated that up to half of our lifetime sun exposure occurs before we are 18 years of age. Adults think nothing of purchasing a nice pair of sunglasses for themselves; why deprive their children?

Eyes Cream Shades has been featured in numerous trade publications as well as mass media news. Many celebrity moms are now raving about Eyes Cream Shades for their kids. Eyes Cream Shades continues to give back, too, getting involved with many local charities and charity events including Blind Baby Fund (helps children from San Diego and all over the world receive the gift of sight), the National Kidney Foundation of Southern California, and the Robert and Heather Urich Sarcoma Foundation. Eyes Cream Shades also made donations of sunglasses during Christmas to select children’s hospitals (Shriners Hospital for Children, Honolulu and University Hospital, University of Michigan).

Faith Smith wants to continue letting others know about the importance of protecting our children’s eyes with quality sunwear at a young age. She also aspires to make a difference in small business and entrepreneurship—to chart a course that does not meet with so many unnecessary challenges in this “land of opportunity.” Faith is in the process of writing a book about entrepreneurship and spirituality, due out in 2007.

What can we learn from Faith?

It does indeed take a leap of Faith to both dream and finally take action towards doing work that brings more joy, makes a difference and changes one’s perspective about life and work.