Frank Traditi


Sales and Marketing Executive breaks free to become Author and Job coach!

After 20 years of working for “DCA”—Dysfunctional Corporate America—Frank Traditi was laid off for the first time in his career back in May of 2001. He was devastated.

Frank spent most of his Corporate America life working in the technology and telecommunication industries. Fast paced, ever changing, and chaotic was on the menu every day. He thought he was happy—he was making good money—even though he was working 60-70 hours per week for less-than-talented bosses and dysfunctional companies.

Throughout his working life, Frank always moved on to new jobs or companies at his own discretion or was promoted into another role. Nobody had ever asked him into their office to hand him his final paycheck—until May 2001.

At 11:00am, Frank received a call from his boss, a Senior Vice President, currently residing in Canada. Frank was a Vice President with the company and located in Denver. It was no more than a two-minute phone call stating, “Your services are no longer required. We cannot offer any severance pay at this time. Good luck to you.” So much for the personal touch! Although Frank had a premonition the company was in trouble, being asked to leave was blow to his self-esteem. How could they fire someone who was loyal and with so much experience in the corporate world?

This was the wake up call. Life was much more than dealing with the constant drone and dysfunctionality of corporate work. Frank realized he had been missing out on a huge world of experience and opportunity—working for himself.

Throughout his career, he had always focused on helping others succeed in their jobs or careers. He spent most of his time mentoring and helping people in sales, marketing, customer service and management learn how to make the most of their own careers. If they wanted to get promoted, Frank helped them get there. If they wanted to move onto to a new job or even a new company, Frank coached them through the process.

Frank realized that people struggled with marketing themselves. Many people feel passed over for jobs or promotions within their own companies. The missing ingredient: they weren’t positioned properly to demonstrate or market their success and problem solving abilities to the right people.

Frank Traditi found his vocational PASSION. He set out to teach people the art of self-promotion and how to market themselves and their careers. He opened up his personal marketing and career coaching business in September 2001.

His life has changed forever.

Frank is now an author, motivational speaker, executive coach and small business marketing specialist. His new groundbreaking job search book, Get Hired NOW! is on the Tattered Cover Bookstore best-seller list and is personally endorsed by Dr. Stephen Covey. Frank now spends his days helping talented people create