Julie and Justin


Who Woulddah “Thunk”…Moving to the West Coast Would Lead to This…

Having met in Chicago, Julie & Justin had an instant connection. Bohemian in nature, they shared a passion for creativity, and for each other. Young, with big ideas, life’s journey took them on a path of self-exploration, even separation, as they searched for what they really wanted to do. Eventually, they ended up right back in each other’s arms, and together they created the life they wanted; working for themselves and a business called: SoccerKidsUSA.

Justin left the Windy City and headed to Los Angeles, to follow his dream of being in the entertainment business. He had been a theatre actor and director in Chicago. Once in LA, he found great success as an actor, at least for the first month. It’s surprising more people don’t recognize him as the Court Clerk from one of the timeless and tireless episodes of “The Young & the Restless”. Justin quickly discovered he had to find other ways to survive. He worked as an assistant to producers during the day, and waited tables at night. He eventually found steadier work, with more ‘normal’ hours, working in the distribution end of the entertainment business. After four years, the comfort of a windowless office and a personal phone extension were not enough to keep him corporate. He kept searching for that which would make his heart sing. Lo and behold: Soccer! Kids! He had grown up in Israel. As the country’s national sport, even craze, soccer was a place Justin always felt at home. When his family moved back to Chicago, playing the game was a way for him to keep connected to the country he loved and the memories he had made. It was also a wonderful opportunity to meet new people and make new friends. Working with kids was innate. He had always found it rewarding. Put soccer and kids together, and the ideal job was created. This was his PASSION! He counseled and coached with different groups in Los Angeles, then spread his wings to form his own company. A leap of faith, combined with an amazing business partner, resulted in the manifestation of a fulfilling lifestyle. His dream to entertain was realized, with perhaps the best audience of all.

Julie said goodbye to her family and hometown of Birmingham, Michigan, and pursued an opportunity in the natural foods industry, selling (of all things) candy.

Once in LA, she found herself traveling job to job, selling candy, tea, even pizza. She truly had a gift for selling and believed that as long as she spoke with her heart, and the product made her customers happy, then it was a good fit. She loved helping people, and talking. Julie loved to “chat”. While she enjoyed her co-workers and the people she was able meet along the way, something was missing. She longed to express herself through something other than a product. She always felt her “true calling” was to be an artist and teacher. She hoped to someday positively impact those around her with that passion and creativity. When her life partner, Justin, introduced the idea to work together, her dream came true. Almost immediately, she found the forum to express her true self. A creative and compassionate person, she jumped into the project with a splash. Creating SoccerKidsUSA gave birth to her artist self, the teacher, and her innermost kid spirit. This was her PLACE in the world. She loved to play, and being around kids only enhanced that inclination. Together, Julie and Justin’s talents really complemented each other and working for themselves enabled them to create their own schedule and spin on what they wanted to share with the community. With Julie’s love for health and nutrition, in addition to her background in psychology, they’ve created a tag line that says it all…“Fun, Sun and Soccer,”~

Whether it’s weekday or week soccer classes, clinics, camps, enrichment programs, birthday parties, private lessons, and even mentoring, SoccerKidsUSA provides a nourishing, safe and supportive environment for boys & girls ages 21/2- 6 to come and play! It is a place where kids can be themselves and enjoy learning a sport through creativity and imagination. It is a place where friendships can be developed and strengthened, and where some of life’s essential lessons can be learned. SoccerKidsUSA represents a community where everyone is welcomed.

What can we learn from Justin and Julie?

It takes both time and energy and a lot of patience to find one’s passion and place in the world. With a little persistence, this goal is possible for all of us.