Mark McMahon


Dentist follows his passion of travel and pictures!

For Mark McMahon it all began with a commitment. A commitment to take six months off and do what he loved; To travel and take pictures. He wanted an adventure. Mark wanted to drive from his home in Tucson all the way to the tip of South America.

That commitment led to a shift, PUTTING IT ALL TOGETHER, into living a life beyond his dreams.

The commitment was partly motivated by the death of his father. Mark recalls when it hit him, driving home one evening. He remembers the exact stretch of road where he said to himself: “I’M GONNA DIE TOO! I can’t worry about what anyone else thinks. I gotta get on with MY LIFE and DO WHAT I WANNA DO!”

This was early 1999. Suddenly Mark had a laser focus on the day he had chosen to depart, November 1, 1999. (Keep that date in mind.) No matter what it took he was gonna make it happen.

Mark had a busy dental practice with an associate dentist working for him at the time. He told him if he wanted to stay with the office he had to buy a portion of the practice. Mark wanted to be able to leave with the confidence that his practice would be taken care of during his six-month absence.

He told his associate dentist that he could buy a quarter or a one third interest in the practice. He said he wanted to buy half. Mark said no, he didn’t want a full partner. Off the top of his head, without really thinking he said, “You can buy a third or you can buy the whole thing.” Much to Mark’s surprise, he said he wanted to buy all of it! Hmm…this was something Mark had not really considered.

At the time Mark had recently started a marketing company for other dentists, built around a successful TV infomercial he had created for his own practice. The company had had some success but it was not taking off like he had hoped. Shortly thereafter Mark got offers to buy some assets of his young company, specifically the videotape he had created and the company name, SmileWorks, which Mark had trademarked. Keep in mind that this was 1999, the craziest of the Dotcom craze.

One thing led to another and Mark ended up selling all three items: his dental practice, the videotape, and the trademark. All three different deals were closed and signed on the same day, November 1, 1999.

Mark had earned a small fortune and his freedom. Before long he was on the road and south of the border. He created a website ( to document his six month journey. Six months turned into four years and a new way of life for Mark. He wrote and photographed his way through 16 different countries. He posted over 120 stories and 1000 photographs online.

Mark transformed his online journal into a book entitled: DRIVING TO THE END OF THE WORLD. He has since adapted the book to a multi-media one-man play, For more information visit: He also wrote THE PORTABLE PROFESSIONAL a book about taking your life and work on the road. He is currently writing his first novel ON THE STREETS AND BETWEEN THE SHEETS due out in 2007.

What can we learn from Mark?

It all starts with a realization of what you want to do and then a commitment to follow your dreams!