Mark Sincevich


Accountant and Sales and Marketing Professional turns to Photography and Speaking!

Mark Sincevich comes from a family of educators, so educating others is something that he had been exposed to since birth. In addition, Mark always had some sort of camera with him documenting family vacations and events. When he visited Europe for the first time in 1982, Mark couldn’t stop taking pictures. The next year while in college, he won an award based solely on his photography! Then everything stopped.

He got distracted picking a major and making new friends. He had five different majors while in college and his part-time job working at an accounting firm turned into four and a half years of full-time employment. He did learn how to do his own taxes and design financial spreadsheets, but Mark felt that something was missing. He never realized that he could make a living practicing photography and speaking professionally.

He decided to go back to college and get another degree in 1990. While in college the second time, he worked at Apple Computer and in the computer department at an advertising agency. He was good at computers and this expertise turned into 13 years in the computer field working for hardware and software companies in sales and marketing. The money was great, but he got tired of living through corporate acquisitions or being the unwilling participant in another round of layoffs. And yes, something was still missing. He was tired of working so hard on other people’s dreams.

During Mark’s honeymoon, his wife challenged him by asking, “how bad do you want to follow your own dreams and follow what you PRIZE most in your life? That did it! He knew it was time to work on his own dreams and to control his own destiny. He didn’t want to be another casualty of the next corporate resizing plan. What were Mark’s dreams? He kept coming back to the idea of photography and educating others. He had a strong desire, but he didn’t have the technical skills.

Mark took classes at the Washington School of Photography and joined the National Speakers Association. He even worked for free at the best event photography company in Washington, DC and became a free-lance speaking coach. At about the same time Mark formed Staash Press, his product and publishing company. Today, Mark works with organizations to develop leaders with more focus and creativity. He does this through a unique photography angle in his speaking programs and writing. As a result of Mark’s programs, his customers gain a fresh perspective, generate new ideas, sharpen the focus and create more business.

Mark loves the fact that he is able take the photographs that allow him to grow creatively and professionally, and he enjoys speaking to organizations about the things that truly inspire him. Mark is now the Executive Director of the Digital Photography Institute, a former instructor at the Washington School of Photography, and his photographs have appeared in The Washington Post Magazine, SmartCEO Magazine and AAA World Magazine.

What can we learn from Mark’s story?

When you follow what you prize most in your life without looking back, you become a magnet for your dreams!

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