Robin Sparks


Writer Robin Sparks ignores the status quo to follow her passion!

After a painful divorce, Robin Sparks decided it was now her time to follow her PASSION of writing and traveling. Despite the solo journey towards following her heart, Robin became clear about her life’s purpose. It was to travel the world and tell the stories of others.

Despite the urging of friends and family not to change, Robin ignored both advice and the status quo to follow her heart. She learned that to recover from past wounds in her life it was necessary to acknowledge them and then start to move forward and write a new chapter of her life.

Today, Robin Sparks is a writer and photographer who teaches the art of storytelling in workshops around the world. Her love of writing, travel, and teaching make for dynamic, life-changing classes.

Robin’s stories and photographs have since been published in hundreds of magazines, newspapers, newsletters and online magazines. She began her professional life telling stories as a newspaper photographer in Denver, Colorado in 1977. While at the paper, Robin’s photographs were chosen for inclusion in the 1994 Best of Photography Annual, the Black River Publishing Company 1996 Calendar Series, and she won first place in the annual Washington D.C. based Caring Institute Photo Contest. Ninety of Robin Sparks’s Nevada landscapes were purchased for permanent display in the Carson Valley Medical Centers in Gardnerville, Nevada and South Lake Tahoe, California. Last year two of Robin’s photos were chosen for inclusion the photo coffee table books “Friends” and “Family” published by M.I.L.K.

Robin currently writes a monthly column for Metro Magazine in Bangkok, Thailand and the online magazine, as well as occasional travel stories for the San Francisco Chronicle.

She is currently writing a book about her encounters with expatriates around the world from London, to Bangkok, from Katmandu, to Brazil and beyond.

What can we learn from Robin?

Following one’s passion can be a lonely journey in the early stages. Persistence and the courage to live a life of integrity can make the journey more rewarding and possible.