Suzanne Kincaid


Wife, mom, small business owner starts new passion teaching financial wealth!

About 18 months ago, Suzanne Kincaid was completely fed up with life. She was full of stress and very frustrated with the world order of business that negatively affected all other areas of her life.

As a wife, mother, advocate and small business owner for over 30 years, Suzanne had spent thousands of hours and thousands of dollars studying business systems, financial and investments strategies, Network and Internet Marketing, all the while struggling and juggling responsibilities along with her husband to provide for their family and their retirement.

The older she got, the more frustrated she became with the entire economic system.

Suzanne had enough. She decided that it was her PURPOSE to help others find a better way to support themselves. Suzanne sold her business and determined that she was going to find a way to support herself in a way that helped others do the same. Suzanne sat down and wrote all the issues that she thought needed transformation and came up with her goals. Next she studied the Internet, knowing that was the best way to create passive income and designed a system that anyone could use to create wealth. It had to be simple and it had to work for everybody to meet her goals.

Next, she set out to market her ideas. Suzanne decided she needed to write a book. 18 months later, her book was published. It just came out in January and there is already a Spanish edition in the works. Suzanne now has thousands of members using her system around the world to create ‘enlightened wealth’. Even the poorest of nations are able to participate. Like Africa, where the average wage is only $2 a day! Check out her website when you get a

Suzanne’s research led her to believe that government and business structures operate from a base of fear, greed and competition, and are more destructive than beneficial to people and the planet, all in pursuit of the almighty dollar.

Here in the United States, one of the richest countries, after working for 45 years, only 5% of our citizens become financially independent to enjoy retirement. And it is worse in most all other countries.

Suzanne felt something was wrong with those statistics! She thought there had to be a better way of interacting in the world.

She committed to creating a system for financial freedom and then sharing it with as many people as she could. It had to be a simple system and it had to work for everybody.

What can we learn from Suzanne?

Once you define your purpose in life, you must actually follow it with passion and energy with what you believe