Dr Craig Nathanson

Dr. Nathanson is an Educator, Author, Speaker and Coach for Mid-Life adults .

Dr.Nathanson also provides workshops for companies for the development of their organizations and people. His current research focus is on Humanistic leadership and Joyful Work.

Dr. Nathanson is the author of 6 books including his most recent: ”Joyful work in midlife: The five stages” and ”The Best Manager: Getting better results WITH people.”

Nathasha Nathanson

Natasha is the Marketing Director for Dr. Craig. Nathanson. Natasha was born and received her Masters Degree in Engineering in Russia as well as her background in sales and marketing, which brings a global perspective to the team.

Natasha focuses on all elements of event booking and event planning, marketing, promotion, and overall sales support.

Ajish Kumar

Ajish is Craig’s Virtual Assistant and Webmaster. He helps Craig in marketing, website management, product development, and e-commerce management.

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