1. Go outside more often
(Movement, fresh air and sunlight improves our ability to think deeper)

2. Move often
(Motion changes emotion and will inspire better thinking)

3.Draw Pictures
(Drawing will tap into the right side of your brain- Use colors too)

4. Talk out loud
(By speaking about ideas out loud they become clearer and more realistic)

5. Reduce stress
(Get rest, exercise and eat healthy as this will defeat the stress attacks )

6.Change your work environment
(Even a small change in the location and space where you work will increase your creativity)

7. Think from new perspectives
(Look at a situation from new perspectives : the past, present, future and another person’s perspective as this will give a wider vision)

8. Use divergent thinking
(Open up a physical dictionary to a random page. Read the eighth word on the left and the definition. Now apply the definition to what you are trying to solve)

9. Give yourself advice
(Imagine you were giving advice to yourself: What would you tell yourself to do right now?)

10. Future pace
(Go into the future 10 years. Write a letter to yourself of today advising what you should do. Now go ahead and read the letter)

I’ll be cheering you on as you go!

Craig Nathanson

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