1. Listen first, speak second.
(People provide great information when you have the patience to listen)

2. Look for what is working well and encourage more of it!
(Great leaders enable their people to build confidence in themselves.)

3. Provide feedback not evaluation.
(We tend to be our own worst critics—stop evaluating.)

4. Enable teamwork.
(Encourage collaboration and never competition between people.)

5. Separate pay from feedback.
(People tend to not learn from feedback when it is linked to a reward or a punishment.)

6. Provide meaningful work.
(Eliminate silly contests at work.)

7. Put people always over profit.
(If you do, both people and the business will benefit—otherwise people will never feel vested in their work.)

8. Rotate people who are not doing well to new assignments.
(The usual reaction is to just lay-off people—learn to recycle people and everyone benefits, including society.)

9. Be a coach on a daily basis.
(Then you can eliminate the annual performance review, which no one looks forward to and which robs joy out of the workplace.)

10. Treat each employee as special and unique.
(Never rank and rate people against each other unless you want people working out of fear.)

Follow these steps and you will make a difference in the lives and organizations which you lead!

I’ll be cheering you on as you go!

Craig Nathanson