Take a piece of paper and answer these questions for yourself to assess which stage you might be at in your life as a step towards more joy in your own work!

Stage 1: The experience of “Treadmill” of Life and Work

Can you think of a time when you felt like you were on a treadmill in your life and work?
What did that feel like?
How did you know that you were on a treadmill?
How did this treadmill affect your life and your relationships?

Stage 2: Internal and External Triggers Pushed the Need for Change

Which triggers have occurred for you in your life which gave you pause and the opportunity to step back and reflect about your life and your work?
Were these triggers internal or external?
What did you do as a result?
What could have you done?
What could you do?

Stage 3: Time for Reflection, Self-Awareness, and Self-Care

Have you taken the time after a trigger event to reflect about your life and work?
What process did you use?
If not, what steps could you take?
What possibilities might occur if you took the time to self-reflect?
What would self-care look like for you now?

Stage 4: Change was Difficult

What would be difficult for you now if you decided to change your work in a big way to seek more joy?
What would this change look like?
How would this change affect your financial state?
What adjustments could you make in your financial state, your relationships, your lifestyle to make this change work?
What would be the overall impact to the quality of your life now if you made big change in your life and work?

Stage 5: A new Beginning

What would a new beginning look like for you?
Can you describe how this would make you feel and why?
How would a new beginning benefit you now and those around you?
What are the major three lessons you learned from this exercise?

Think deeply now about your life and work and how you can move towards what YOU want in your life NOW.

I’ll be cheering you on as you go!

Craig Nathanson

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