1. No time

I hear from people many times that they don’t have time to think about what they should do with regards to their work. My response is usually, they cannot afford to not take the time. It’s your life. It only changes when you do.

2. Each new day brings a new perspective

When you wake up each day, what are the questions you ask yourself?
Here are a few that you might find useful;
What am I grateful for today?
Do you realize that?
Ask new questions when you wake up and you will gain a whole new perspective

3. The path to authentic work is self-awareness

Do you really know yourself? Ask yourself right now; what is it which is missing from my life and what can I do about it? Make sure the missing link is something you really want otherwise you will not do anything about it.

4. Your work becomes your center

When one follows their calling, their work becomes their center of balance. This helps through all the challenges in one’s life. I know it has helped me and it can help you too. Remember, what we do determines who we are.

5. You are responsible for your own happiness- It can start with your work

No one will run up to you on Monday morning and ask you are you happy in your work. This must come from within you. It all starts with an honest self-assessment of what you really want to do and of course to take those first few steps.

6. Have you defined what success means to you?

Answer the following question; Success to me means:
Now, examine your answer. Is this your definition or does it come from someone else? Many people live their lives striving for a vision of success which was determined by someone else. This can make following one’s passion and one’s work challenging.

7. Don’t settle

Don’t settle for a mundane life filled without joy. It all can start with your work. Remember, what you do determines who you are. What are you passionate about today and why?

8. Rock your boat now

So many people come to me wanting to change and discover and live their passions. Many do take the first step but sadly many go away afraid of what others will say and afraid that it might rock their boat of life. Doing what you love the rest of your life will rock your boat but it will also give you new direction. The sailing won’t be easy but it will be the best journey you will ever take. What first step can you take today?

9. Look for patterns

Look for patterns in your life and what they mean. For example, what does it mean every time you walk by a specific building or store and you feel a new energy. What happens when you watch a certain movie and or are a specific type of person and suddenly you feel new hope. Pay attention now to these signals. They are the keys to a new path.

10. Have Integrity

Be consistent, be open, be truthful with yourself as to what you want and why. This makes the journey towards vocational passion easier.

I’ll be cheering you on as you go!

Craig Nathanson

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