Great time to recharge

The holidays are a great time to recharge, but new discipline awaits.

I hope you enjoyed the holidays and your time with loved ones. The holiday season is the time to cherish those people you care about, the moments of life that bring you the most happiness, and the events of the holidays that bring joy.

But as soon as we approach the new year, this is also a time to start to think ahead to the new year and what awaits you. Soon, you will again hear the motivational talks to set new goals and have New Year’s resolutions.

While setting goals is essential, I encourage going deeper this coming year. In this new year, you can better align your purpose and where your energy is with your core values. And how you can be more consistent with your daily behaviors so that they better match your values and enable you to move toward your most wanted goals. The new year is an excellent time for new goals, discipline, and alignment with what is most important to you.

What new goals do you want to achieve in 2024?

Why are these goals important to you?

How will these goals bring you closer to what you want in your life?

What can you do in the new year to be more disciplined about your daily schedule and what you will focus on?

What new changes would benefit you in your health, your relationships, and how you treat yourself and others?

You will spend most of your life working, and these years should be joyful.

Can you do what you are doing now for the rest of your life?

If you do, fantastic! What can you do to develop your work further?

If you are not having joyful work now, what work would you instead do? Whose work or what work would you love to do?

Are you stuck on the treadmill of work and life?

A trigger event usually happens to most of us in life that causes us to fall off the treadmill temporarily. A trigger event can be a minor inconvenience or a major crisis. In either case, a trigger event can be an excellent time to move to deep reflection . During deep reflection, consider what you want most in your life and why.

This deep reflection with discipline can move you to change, which can be uncomfortable, but it is needed now.

With a strong belief in yourself, you will move to a new beginning and new authentic work.

As you get older, you will sense that life moves fast. So it is essential to live in the moment, on your path to an authentic life, cherishing each moment, experience, and person.

The new year awaits you with new possibilities for your life and work.

I’ll be cheering you on as you go.

 Warm regards,

Dr. Craig Nathanson