The start of a new year is a great time to plant seeds, and when it comes to your work, this also applies.

The road to joyful work takes a combination of thinking, planning and ultimately, action.

Just like planting those seeds, you must take action to make your work grow and flourish.

Start with these Ten questions!

Who am I?

This question is probably the most crucial question which you can ask yourself.

Think about this question in this format, for example: I am a person who is kind to others. I am a procrastinator and so on.

Write down everything which comes to mind, don’t filter. Review your list. Which statements are you most proud of and which ones, not so proud of, and what you might do to change? There is one thing which YOU can CHANGE, and that is your THOUGHTS and your ACTIONS.

What do I want most in my life now?

Write down all ideas which come to mind. These ideas are your private list.

After making your list, ask yourself what you think is DRIVING your motivation for this list.

Who do I want to see more or less of in my life?

This question might be the most challenging to answer but perhaps the most important.

It is essential now to surround yourself with people who support your hopes and dreams unconditionally. It is also vital NOW to be around those you care about and who care about you. Getting this list JUST RIGHT for you might be challenging, but you can do it.

What do I need to do next to move closer to what I want?

It is important to ask yourself positive questions and look at what is possible vs. impossible.

Your mind does not like a vacuum and will rush to come up with the RIGHT answers from within if you LISTEN carefully.

What things should I stop doing in my life which are no longer serving me?

It is essential to be in service to YOURSELF and understand which activities and behaviors are NO LONGER useful to you.

What new behavior do I need now in my life, which will be more useful for me?

Often you might ponder and worry about those behaviors which cause you anxiety and stress. Instead, it is better NOW to focus on those NEW positive behaviors which will be more USEFUL for you in the new year

What should I do with my diet to better fuel my system?

Often you might use food as a source of comfort. Knowing what to eat, when to eat, and how to eat will better SERVE your health and SUSTAINABILITY now.

What can I do NOW to get better sleep?

Your body needs rest regularly. Proper rest requires daily DISCIPLINE and planning like everything else.

What exercise do I enjoy and can do to strengthen my body NOW?

Your body will adapt to how you treat it. NOW is an excellent time to pay ATTENTION to how you are treating it.

What can I do to become more organized?

You are the CEO of your life, which requires planning, design, implementation, monitoring, and measurement of YOUR life. In this way, you can CONTINUE what is working and STOP doing what is no longer working.

NEW year is a good time to ask yourself new questions, which can drive new motivation, momentum, and goals for a BETTER you!

Happy New Year!