Anita Flegg

Anita Flegg

Anita Flegg – Engineer turned Author helps others with disease

Anita Flegg spent 18 years as an electrical engineer. She enjoyed it for the first half of that time, but it stopped being satisfying after a while. After all the time and effort in getting the engineering degree, Anita felt that she really had to stick with it. Besides, the pay was really good, so it was hard to imagine quitting, even if she knew what she wanted to do instead. In the last couple of years it took all her energy just to keep going.

As Anita approached her 40th birthday, she realized she just couldn’t keep this up. She knew all along there was more she could be doing with her life. She made a plan to retire from engineering work by age 40, but despite all the various aptitude tests, she didn’t know where to start.

Then it happened!

At age 39 ½ Anita was laid off. She felt released and free. She decided to use her new ”free” time to spend time with family and get in shape. She was overweight and always tired. She started working out twice a week and walking every day but still she was not losing weight. She also continued to have a strange group of physical symptoms. With a little research, she discovered she had hypoglycemia.

She turned to research and as she started to cure herself, she discovered a new cause; helping others through writing. She wrote her first book on Hypoglycemia and knew that this was what she was meant to do. This was her PLACE in the world—to write—and there was no turning back from her perfect vocational day.

Since publishing Hypoglycemia: The Other Sugar Disease in 2003, she has now released the 2nd edition of the book and she has started a business, The Sharp Quill, so that she can write and edit full time.

What can we learn from Anita’s story?
She listened to her inner signal that something wasn’t quite right in her work life and took action to improve the happiness and quality of her vocational life!

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