Testimonials for Dr Nathanson

Dear Craig,

We have not met but I know you through your book Don’t Just Retire and Die. I read it this winter and kept it with me almost as a lifeline as I struggled with a vocational crisis.

I have taken a new position much more in line with who I am. It is a lot of work. It is stressful at times. It’s a serious challenge. And I LOVE it.

Thanks for helping me in my time of need.

Jeffrey C.Lewis

Atlantic Challenge

Craig Nathanson asks us the sort of questions we need to be asking ourselves. These questions stir us to reflection; even more, they stir us to recover the large summons to live our journey more fully. After all our roles have been fulfilled, the questions remain: why am I here, in service to what, and what wants to enter this world through me? This book helps us all remember this very large summons to the task of our lives.

James Hollis, Ph. D

Jungian analyst and author, What Matters Most: Living a More Considered Life.

I bought your book P is for Perfect and carefully studied your philosophy. Your work has made a difference in my life! I appreciate all your wisdom and your willingness to make this world a better place by teaching people to do what they really love!

Eleazar Bejasa

After reading Craig’s book, P is for Perfect, Your Perfect Vocational Day, and having a 30-minute coaching session, I feel unstoppable in pursuing my true calling in living a vocational life of passion and purpose instead of just existing in a job during my mid-life years. Practical exercises and insightful personal anecdotes make the book a must-read for any mid-lifer aspiring to vocational greatness and personal coaching sessions will propel you to take the practical steps to get there.


Winning Proof

P Is For Perfect is a fantastic book. You have to admire Craig Nathanson’s courage for sharing his story and his ideas for others to follow.

Yanfang Yang

Hi Craig,

Happy New Year! I have been reading your newsletters for at least a year or more, and I can honestly say that the January 2007 edition really struck me and gave me some much needed inspiration for making some changes in my work life.

I am going to start with some small steps like you recommended, and hopefully they will lead to something much bigger!



In transition? Take the time and read and work through Craig Nathanson’s comprehensive ten-step process.

Robert Garrow

Canadian Author, ’Ahoy Mates, Leadership lessons from successful pirates’’

This book is both enjoyable and informative. P is for Perfect made me think about what’s most important in life. After all, we all have a limited time on this earth. We should spend this time doing what it is that we actually love. I would recommend this book to anyone and everyone who wants to know how to live a more fuller and a more meaningful life. Excellent book! 🙂

Sofia Chughtai - California

This book is perfect for baby boomers who are questioning the value of their work they do.

Judith Schwartz, California

P is for Perfect is well worth the read!

This book is a very good resource, especially if you are a person in mid-life who is considering a career change. Craig’s writing essentially provides “permission” to look outside the box of our current vocations and consider moving into fields where we have more passion. A bit of a scary concept – at least for me. The book is well written and appears to come from the heart. Included are numerous exercises to work through. This book won’t solve all your employment issues, but if you are seriously considering a career change, it may provide the “push” that you need.

Doug and Roberta, San Francisco, Ca

I wish I had found this program 10 years ago. But as you say, it’s never too late to make changes-and I’m seeing them happen in my life right now as I follow your program. Thank you.”


Craig’s “10 P’s” is a great vocational guidebook. Working through the “10 P’s” inspired me – even at 55 years old, that it’s never too late to discover, and pursue, your true vocational passion. Don’t procrastinate another day, pick up Craig’s book and prepare for your vocational journey.


“Wow! What a great program – everything I need to change my life is in one place. Thank you, Craig, for creating this wonderful tool. Its value is priceless.”

Ajish, India

I love Craig Nathanson’s work. And I love his E-Workbook “Discover and Live Your Passion 365 Days a Year.

Frank Traditi

Author, Get Hired Now

This CD is an in-studio version of Craig’s popular talk on “How to Discover and Live Your Passion Now”, based on his book, “P is for Perfect: Your Perfect Vocational Day” (2003).

Embracing change is not something most individuals do naturally. Craig Nathanson’s CD offers a walk through guide to individuals willing to do a little work on themselves for themselves. Craig does an admirable job of engaging the listener to follow through to the next step or next “P”. The people, to whom I would recommend this audio CD, are not necessarily limited to what Craig Nathanson identifies as his target audience. I believe the tool has more potential than the direction he has focused it in. Craig’s initial personal examples of why embracing change is necessary refer to some pretty dire situations at an income level of which the majority of people can only aspire. The “Prescription” he offers for Living your Passion Now is suitable for many people of all ages and situations. Craig’s “10 P plan” can be just as applicable to the average individual and includes examples which are noted further on in the CD.

In the final “Putting it all Together” portion of the CD, Craig makes the point that this is a very personal process. He cautions to “not expect others to jump on your bandwagon”. I interpret this to mean you must be your own cheerleader as you begin acting like the person you want to be. This advice would be useful at the beginning of the CD presentation as well, to acclimatize listeners to the “thinking about self” process.

Craig makes a great point that “it is our negativity that stops our creativity” and goes further to caution that this negativity can be fueled by those around us. When presenting a plan as personal as this one it is good to remind the listeners that they are responsible to protect themselves from their environment if it is restraining their creativity or blocking them from taking action. Promoting ownership (another P) is the key strength which runs throughout the presentation.

Joy Hanley

Academic Co-op Programs for Saint Francis Xavier University

The How to find the RIGHT work workshop with Craig Nathanson was excellent! It was informative, interactive, relevant and extremely practical for today’s economic environment. I learned so much and will refer this workshop to everyone I know!


Craig is a wonderful presentation coach. He listened to my concerns and fears, and worked with me to address them. He focused my attention and time on the highest impact areas, and coached me on connecting with the audience. His advice, insights and encouragement gave me the confidence to deliver my presentation with flair.

Susan Tan

Research Director, Gartner

Craig lead our executive staff and board of directors through our annual planning session in a creative, results-oriented way! He gave us a good system for planning and follow-up throughout the year!

Jim Rieker

President/CEO, Midwest Housing Equity Group, Inc., Omaha, NE

I really enjoyed this interactive workshop! I got so much more than expected!

Mary, California

Excellent workshop!! Motivational and educational! Inspiring!

Tina, California


You are amazing. I just watched your one of your talks on line and took extra notes…..incredible. Thank you for doing what you do, we (all) need to hear it.

Lenny, Los Angeles

Hi Craig,

I wanted to say thank you so much for your great lecture on 7/13/09, at SF Grace Cathedral entitled: “Don’t JUST retire and die: A new approach to your life and work after 40”.

It was a greatly empowering session and was also a sort of learning experience that I have been looking forward to. I felt saved and even cried. I am pretty certain that many other participants felt same.

Sorry I wanted to express my gratitude in person after the session but I missed. When I returned home, I checked your coaching website -wow it is a very resourceful site.

Thank you for the eye opening lecture. I am extremely fortunate to be able to participate in such a wonderful session.

I look forward to learning more from your book, and hopefully can have opportunity to learn from your coaching some time in the future.



Thank you for speaking again last evening at the Commonwealth Club of California. And again you filled the room with a standing-room only crowd, holding everyone’s attention the entire time with the timeliness and engaging delivery of your life changing message.

It was obvious that the audience enjoyed your talk as evidenced by how many remained after the Q&A session to compliment you.

John W. Milford

Executive Director

You did a fantastic job speaking at the ProMatch general meeting recently. Thank you for invigorating us & raising our energy levels!


Hi Craig,

Again, thanks for the inspirational presentation at the Marin Professionals Group. I am glad that I did hold out until I found something I really want to do. Being 50 is a great time to “start over again”.

Thanks and good luck to you Craig. I will refer folks going through transition to you.


Nancy Richardson

At SoCo Depot Coworking site in Penngrove, CA, we are still discussing the talk Craig Nathanson gave here on April 9th, 2009. He’s a dynamic speaker who involves and energizes his audience, but he’s not just a motivational speaker who gets people inspired and excited for one evening. His talk was full of great information and concrete ideas that we could begin to put into practice right away to create the change we want to see in our work lives. We are all small business owners at SoCo Depot and his information gave us a lot to think about.

I’ve enjoyed his books and CDs and it’s clear from the way he fielded audience questions and stayed afterwards to talk with attendees personally, that he’s a phenomenal vocational coach as well.

Nancy Sinsheimer

Member, SoCo Depot Coworking site

Dear Craig,

I recently attended one of your inspiring talks!
I’m going to commit the time Monday-Friday to work on the 10 “Ps” you gave us.

I am grateful.

Mike, California

The speaking event you gave at Cal State East Bay was absolutely wonderful. The students loved your presentation and enjoyed it. It definitely gave us something to think about. You make a difference in people’s lives – thank you!

Ricky Wu

Zeta Tau Chapter, Delta Sigma Pi

Craig Nathanson’s seminar was very inspirational and gave great advice on how to pursue what you really want to do in life.


Craig Nathanson is a very inspiring speaker. As a college student lost in many career choices and trying to get through college, he helped me get one step ahead towards achieving my goal and figuring out what I truly want to do in life Thanks!


Although I have not reached my mid-life yet, Craig Nathanson had demonstrated that his ideas of pursuing your vocational passion can apply to anyone of any age and it is never too early to start.   I have taken two of his workshops and both were full of energy making the time go by quickly and yet we learned  so much!   I walked away from each of his workshops enlightened with lessons that can only be taught by someone who is passionate about what he is doing.

When I took his first workshop, less than a year and a half ago, age the age of 29, I had been at the point in my life where I dreaded getting up in the mornings to go to work and constantly looking forward to the weekends, however, I was afraid of leaving since I had a mortgage to pay and did not want to give up the benefits.  I contemplated other investment firms but did not pursue anything as I was not sure if leaving one corporation for another would really resolve the issue.  I never considered anything outside of that realm until I had taken Craig Nathanson’s workshop. It helped me identify what my passion was and realize that the possibilities are endless and that was the catalyst for me taking that leap towards a completely new career change from investments and finance to travel and honeymoon planning and have since invested in a travel/honeymoon/resort wedding franchise (www.joycez.allabouthoneymoons.com).

It is so refreshing to meet someone that validates how important it is to try and pursue something we are passionate about as for many of us, retirement may not be within our reach, so why not do something we love where we would have no desire to retire.


I thoroughly enjoyed Mr. Nathansons presentation. I felt he spoke well with clarity, he captured the attention of the entire audience, and most of all touched on things or events that are relevant in today’s working and social world. He gave people a better perspective of their own lives and decisions that they will make later on in life.  His presentation made me look twice at my own personal short and long term goals, career and family that make me think.

“What is most important to me”?


Craig’s time was limited, so he focused on the important motivational messages. He adeptly conveyed three key points. First, through storytelling, he carried attendees along the emotional path that leads to choosing to make a life change. Second, he presented how self-change, rooted in vocational passion, will exponentially impact relationships and outlook for the better. Lastly, he outlined steps, hurdles and strategies of re-wiring our life. Craig’s easy to grasp Ten P’s made note taking a breeze. As they say – the rest is up to us!

Connie D'Aura

Catholic Networking Night


I would like to thank you for speaking to our group. Your message about finding your passion was well received and appreciated by our members. I hope to have the opportunity for you to speak to our group again.


Douglas Herz

Moderator, CSIX East Bay


The workshop that you gave to General Motors Baltimore Women in Manufacturing Organization was well received by the attendees. In speaking with each of the women after the event, it was apparent that everyone brought something very personal away from the workshop that they hadn’t considered previously. It was important for our group to actually take some time to reflect on what our vision of our perfect vocational day could be.

Thank you for your time and insight!

Kate Williams

Chair-TMIE , General Motors-Powertrain- Baltimore Operations

Thanks so much for giving your talk to us. Very inspirational!!

Ginger Klasnich

Director, Alameda and Contra Costa county development


I cannot tell you how many people LOVED your presentation. You are a dynamic speaker and so articulate; friendly and really good putting humor into the talk. Plus, you made a lot of people think!

Thanks again Craig. You’re one of few that make a difference

Terry Thomas

International Association of Administrative Professionals

I loved your workshop. Thanks for everything! Really learned a lot.

Gisele Mogan - Toronto

Craig, Thanks for being one of my inspirational teachers. I know you are destined to touch many lives. Your workshop here in Canada touched many. Many Blessings,

Diane - Toronto

Your workshop was very interesting and thought provoking. It made me really focus on thinking about what I want out of life and to put together a plan to achieve it. Thank you for your insight.

Monte Slavens - California

Craig, Thanks to your skills and talents, I have been reminded to rely on my own

Larry Hausen - California

Craig, Your talk helped provided direction to my own transition! Thank You!

Larry Pennington - California

Craig, Your talk was excellent! You are definitely doing what the Lord put you on the earth to do! Bravo! Keep up the good work.

Laura Edwards - California

This was excellent! Thank you so much. The choice of terms and simplicity of the concepts is refreshing!

Helene - Washington, D.C.

I am now comfortable discussing self assessment…Thanks so much Craig Nathanson.

Sugi Shiva - California

Craig, your work is done with sincerity; Your work is ripe filled with pain and reality but also with true sincere ness and the ability to help others, thank you!

MM (Canada)

Craig excels in teaching self improvement methods in a very simple and effective way. Most importantly, the ideas which Craig teaches can be used immediately. Working with Craig over time will help to convert short term gains into long term progress!

Ramesh - California

A good and worthwhile workshop. Craig, your style and energy and personal stories were wonderful.

James Burn - Toronto

Great workshop -Thought Provoking- Stories and exercises very insightful. I appreciate the personal attention given to all of us

Lauren Fong- California


I’ve been remiss in thanking you for taking the time to come and speak to CSIX East Bay last week. As mentioned, several of us are in a position where we are refocusing our careers. Your ideas and support were greatly appreciated. You bolstered our courage to change and permission was given, if needed (another “P”).

Again thank you.


Dear Craig,

I just wanted to say thank you for giving people hope and encouragement in life.

Thank you for providing me with the tools and skills so I today at least have the knowledge of how to one day find my vocational passion.

Take care, Craig and I hope that you’ll continue to help other people to realize their vocational passion.

Best regards,

Lina Bengtson - Sweden

Hi Craig,

Thanks for being so open in your sharing this past Tuesday.
You’re a very gifted orator and writer (you write simply in a way that captures short attention spans).

I’d like to wish you much success as you pursue fulfilling your needs and that of those around you.

Warm Regards,

Ardy Forouhar

I contacted Craig because I needed guidance in determining how to proceed from being a stay-at-home-Mom to a career person again. Craig was very responsive and helpful through email. He asked very thought provoking questions. A lot of the work I did with Craig was self-realization and I found him very helpful in that regard. I would recommend his services to anyone looking for self-realization.

Heather, Wisconsin-USA

I was recommended to Craig by a close friend, who had already a couple of sessions with him under her belt, and somehow she seemed different to me. She seemed to be alive with energy and was more uplifted, upbeat about her life and her work. I wanted to see how I could get in on some of that action so I enlisted the help of Craig via personal skype sessions and I haven’t looked back since!

It’s taken me a while to get to where I want to be, and I’m not 100% there, but I will be. I know that it’s just a matter of time. It’s hard work going through the sessions, not because of any other reason than I was resistant to change. I thought I was ready, open and willing, and ‘lived my life on change’, but I was still unfulfilled somehow, deep down on the inside. If you have ever experienced that feeling, it eats away at you until you actually do something about it. Craig is an incredible coach; he knows which buttons to push to get you moving and when and how you should do things. His sheer intuition is like no other. You can rely on Craig for guidance, support, valuable feedback and integrity.

Leanne McCliskie, New Zealand

Craig Nathanson gets you thinking, really thinking. And, that’s so wonderful. Why should you accept the mundane when others get to follow and realize their own dreams? Have I reached my goals? No. Am I on my way? YES! And, it’s a wonderful journey. There are choices that involve sacrifices. But we make those decisions everyday anyway. He has taught me to focus on what I really want. I have gone through many iterations.

First it was professional organizer. No, that was not quite right. I am naturally a very organized person and love to create efficient spaces that energize but it was not creative enough for me. Next it was trompe l’oiel and that was getting really close. In fact, I still love to paint but acrylics is not a comfortable medium for me, watercolor is. But that still was not it. I have been sewing since I was 4 years old and making my own clothes since I was 7 years. It’s the sewing machine where I feel most comfortable creating. I am finishing my first quilt and just love it. I love creating wearable art that reflects a person’s spiritual self.

My endorphins really pop and explode all over the place. I have a lot to learn but Craig has taught me how to focus and go after what I really want and my creative soul needs. There is a saying, if you do what you love, the money will follow. I’m starting to do what I really love and the money will follow. How? I don’t know. But the fact that I’ve found what I really love is all due to Craig. He guided me through his 10 P’s which taught me to listen to my inner me. I have not finished my journey but I am well on my way. He is a gentle and sensitive guide. He researches what a client wants and offers avenues of exploration, sources to seek out. He wants to know how I feel about something, if it feels natural for me and how to get closer to my goal.

Craig Nathanson is someone who will listen to what you say and guide you through the mine fields of your life to help you find what makes you happy and peaceful.

Betti - California

Craig is an outstanding coach, clear, direct, courageous enough to tell you the truth and take you out of misery/dissatisfaction. Many coaches do not want to cover certain areas to avoid losing their customers and it wasn’t easy to leave my “finance career”. I was a Finance director at UBS, almost an Executive director, at the end of the day (and in the morning) I could feel the load. I would not have had the courage to step out of my comfort zone and seek what I was meant for w/out Craig’s guidance and clarification. I’m attending a Master in Media in Motion Pictures in South Florida (moved from CT). When we go for what it is right for us things simply open up. I can’t describe that part well because I don’t understand how the universe works, but I know it works. Yes as far as Craig – the best investment to personal growth, things will fit by themselves when the first step is made.

H.DePaoli - CT

Dear Craig,

Thank you so much for your presentation to the Marin Professionals chapter of Experience Unlimited in San Rafael on Monday, April 19th, 2010.

Your topic “How to find the RIGHT work during challenging times: A new approach to your life and work after 40” really hit a chord with our members. Afterward several attendees commented to me that they could relate personally to your career tips because you gave examples from your own life and from the lives of people you have counseled. I also appreciate the skillful manner in which you interact with the audience.

I am hoping that you would agree to come back and give another presentation in six months, as we will have many new members by that time. I would definitely recommend you as a guest speaker to other organizations.

Please feel free to use me as a reference for your group presentations.


Norma Barnes

Coordinator, Marin Professionals/EU San Rafael

Working with Craig has been a true transformational experience for me. I knew I wasn’t passionate about my work, but I couldn’t see or accept it despite the weight gain, anxiety, smoking, and other signs. Craig was the key enabler for my transformation. He’s knowledgeable, one of the best vocational coaches in the Country and my experience working with him was magical. More than his books and methodology, his passion and excellence inspired me to take huge steps, to become more self-aware and to not settle for less. Craig touches areas and subjects that most are fearful to challenge ourselves with , so in working with Craig “mediocrity” was never an option.

I’ve listened to all of Craig’s tapes and when I was laid off I was actually working with Craig. I thought all would be a nightmare, but everything happened in such a wonderful, timed, magical and fun way that at times I thought God had planned that move for me for years. I was the spoiled-reluctant child that did not want to embrace what was set for me. Life sent Craig to kick me out of my fear-comfort zone, to know myself better, to live life a life of passion and possibilities. To meet someone like Craig was an honor for me. I own him so much and am so grateful. My days now sound different and I feel different. It is like being 20 years younger filled with possibilities and dreams. My life now has a different flavor and I have become a better and happier person. I cannot see a better investment then to take the time to become more self-aware and to have someone competent and passionate next to you to show you the way.

Hilton - Florida

Craig has a rare ability to go with you on your creative journey, and then help you see the details that will get you where you want to go. With compassion and firmness, he will push you when you need to be pushed, and at the same time is refreshingly reasonable. After only five months working with Craig, I have gone from doubting my ability to create the life I need, to feeling certain that I need never go back to the old habits, only forward, continuing to create the journey that stirs me. Craig is passionate about what he does and his energy is infectious.

Anu - California

Craig is a creative thinker who provides the encouragement and enthusiasm and experience to help people make a major life transition.

Jennifer – California

Craig provides a real world guide to re-energize the passion for meaningful life work. His patience coupled with an effective, step-by-step system encourages the discovery of lost passions and their application in new situations. After three months, Craig asked me to look back to my first journal entries. The change has been astonishing and continues to unfold.

Nancy Ceridwyn - Oakland, CA

They say that “the journey of 1000 miles begins but with a single step” and it’s very helpful when you have somebody like Craig cheering you on and helping you along the way. His 10 P method has proven to be successful in helping people who wish to follow their vocational inspiration. In my case the journey is just beginning and that is what it’s all about.

Peter - California

Craig helped me to come to the realization that having a career that fits me is as important to my health and well-being as eating right and exercising. I never made that connection before, and now I am pursuing a career that is totally different than anything I have ever done, and loving every minute of it. I am looking forward to the future, and love learning everything I can about what I’m doing.

Kathy - California

I highly recommend Craig Nathanson as a personal coach to help you figure what career passion to pursue. I felt like I always had a cheerleader to help me as I sought to find the right career path for myself. Craig was always encouraging, always upbeat, intuitive, and I could hear the passion he has for what he is doing. I know my own career path is more defined now thanks to Craig’s help!

Tina - East Coast

You know they say you are put in situations or locations for a reason. I was at a conference where Craig was presenting and I was at one of the lowest points in my life-going through a divorce, reaching mid-life, not sure if I wanted to continue in the same field of work, health was taking a hit and I had lost over 50 pounds (of which I didn’t have to lose). I walked up to Craig and started to talk and it was very apparent, I needed some help. After working with Craig for six months and hiring him as my coach, today I realize I really do love my job and it is where I want to be for many years to come. I also have turned around my personal life, I’m healthy as a horse and my weight is right where it should be.

Thank you, Craig, for sticking by my side and walking me through the low point of my life. Be careful, I’m at a high point now and you never know what will happen next!


CEO, Midwest Financial Services Company


Thank you so much for your very helpful and professional guidance these months. The transformation into the Art Coach has blessed many lives. May you continue to inject passion into the lives of others until the entire working community is completely changed.

Roberta Carasso, The Art Coach- Los Angeles

I met Craig through an advertisement in a local newspaper. At the time, after going through at least 10 so-called coaches, I swore that I would not do it again-my frustration level was over the top. The coaches I experienced were full of themselves and their basic attitude was that if I can’t help you, there is something wrong or missing from your personality. Talk about impudence!

Anyway, I liked what Craig had to say and decided to do a trial run for 3 sessions. Through Craig’s detailed questioning, reasoning and imagination, we were able almost immediately to narrow my criteria for a rewarding career to a dream that I have had for many, many years thought, in this lifetime, was beyond me. Craig made some suggestions as far as research is concerned; I did not find what he originally thought of, but I found, seemingly by sheer luck, an opportunity to work directly in a film studio, with a mentor who is a director as well as holds other hats, for a nominal amount of money. I made the connection with this person, with whom I had an almost instantaneous connection. I will start at the beginning of the year, and am almost so excited that I can hardly sleep.
To get back to Craig, I firmly believe that he has a number of talents, not the least of which is to be very open minded, flexible, and, when he believes his client is moving in the right direction, an unshakable positive attitude, refusing to accept any negativity.

I feel blessed to have met and worked with Craig-I’m very glad that I was able to persist until I found, dramatically, the “right” person to work with.

Gary Konowitz

Dear Craig,

Your coaching helped me get my dream job as a communications manager for a conservation organization. His advice improved my résumé and job-hunting techniques and helped me believe that I could get a well-paying job doing what I want to do. Thanks, Craig!

Jennifer C.

I met Craig Nathanson over 4 years ago, thru a magazine where I read his column faithfully. I felt that reading his book and getting in on his coaching help would further my needs to bring about my career change! After working with Craig I went from an employee working for others and never satisfied to becoming a seasoned professional in my field of expertise . I now enjoy my work life!. Craig Nathanson’s years of expertise are invaluable to all that choose to learn from him. He has a very bright and positive way of communicating and his coaching gets to the heart of one’s fears that keep us from doing what we love to do. He helps from within to create a knowledgeable and confident new you . You will show new professional polish on the outside once you experience his teaching and coaching you will love the results. As a teacher he is wide ranging and has the ability to see each person as unique and special. Craig quickly adjusts to what can be the difference for you to learn and he truly enjoys the time spent with his knowledge and respectful good graces. He is an asset to the community and the educational systems.

Nancy Whitney

President, WOW Marketing

Craig Nathanson believes in his simple formula; people plus passion equals success and contentment. In my case, he knew that life had beaten me up but that I had a talent worth sharing. He knew that if he simply plugged me into his formula, I would find my way. But Craig is more than his formula. He is a people person. He also knew that the only way I could hear his message is if he offered me his hand. So he did for me what he yearns to do for all he comes across…he offered me that hand and accepted no excuses, gently but firmly reminding me that I am a gift to the world waiting to be unwrapped. Thank you Craig, for caring, for sharing, and for living your personal passion by helping people around the world identify and become one with theirs. The world will be a better place because of those you touch, for they in turn will touch the world.

Cat Marrs Singer

Actress, Motivational speaker, Producer, Activist Bay Area, Northern California

Clearing the fog, enhanced personal and career clarity, showing how my ideal career is attainable…Now! These are just a few statements that describe the value of working with Craig. In a short amount of time he has helped me become focused and guided me towards my goals. I highly recommend him.

Jim Goebelbecker- Boston

Craig Nathanson combines intellect, creativity, caring for people, research and humor in a unique synthesis that makes a positive, special and inspiring difference to all those with whom he works.

Dr. Jeremy J. Shapiro

Professor and Author, Mindful Inquiry

Working with Craig Nathanson was like a continual breath of fresh air. There are so many coaches and career counselors who help you with your resume. Craig realized that the cornerstone to one’s success was first understanding the individual and their passions and their interests. Craig gave me the tools to market myself, make better choices and exercise new options. Craig was the first person to help me build my career! I am now well on my way!

Kimberly White - California

Vocational Passion…I’d never heard of it until I met Craig. He gave me confidence that doing things you are passionate about is not a fantasy but the only right way of living your life…Thank you Craig!

Anastasia Novikova - Russia

Dear Craig,

Your help has been greatly appreciated.As a result of our work together I have improved my self esteem and have started working toward future goals and new possibilities.

Jose - Houston, Texas

I am a fifty-two year old divorced woman starting over. I came into Craig’s office scared, dejected and concerned about my future. At our very first meeting, Craig was able to help me discern what brought me joy and passion.

In his thorough and methodic way, Craig has guided me to my dream of writing and being a public speaker. I never would have had the courage to believe in myself, without his tremendous gift of sharing his passion for helping others.

Anna Maria

Craig and I made an appointment to talk about my somewhat scattered thoughts regarding the work I need to do. Trying to prepare for the conversation, I visited his and thought long and hard about Craig’s “10 P’s,” answering as many of the questions as possible. Focusing on those points helped me get ready for the upcoming talk. To be honest, I was a little nervous to be discussing these points with Craig; after all, I hadn’t talked to anyone else about them. But my nerves melted away within moments: Craig is easy to talk to, funny and insightful. Within a very short time, we had recognized the best path for me to follow, based on my interests and abilities. We had also figured out the first steps to take on that path. The conversation left me feeling energized and excited about getting started. This process of understanding who you are and what you are meant to do can be lonely and confusing.

I would recommend Craig’s guidance to anyone who needs a little support along the way.


Nice work, Craig.

I thought it would be all promotional talk about your books, CDs, for sale, but ended up being truly 100% information (good karma for you!). I enjoyed your teleclass very much.



I had a great time on your show tonight and I am glad I was able to experience a little bit of what you do.

Love the point you made that on Sunday night you can not wait to get up to go do what you love to do.



I really enjoy listening to your tele-classes all the way from New Zealand!

I really enjoyed listening in on the call and loved listening to the two entrepreneurs you featured. I even got my question answered! Cheers,

Coree - New Zealand

I would like to recommend Dr. Craig Nathanson as a coach to my fellow mid-life adults.

I consulted with Craig as my advisor for one year, during which time my outlook on life and my plans for the future have been completely transformed.  Also, my enthusiasm and confidence have soared.

Mr. Nathanson is a highly qualified and excellent coach.  The two don’t always go together.

Craig’s sessions are very structured and enjoyable, and he uses a variety of coaching aids and materials to keep the meetings exciting and progressive.  His 10P model and his time management system are life-changing.  As well, Craig is very personable and easy to connect with.

Most importantly, he is always there for you but indeed respects your privacy.

I have absolutely no hesitation in giving Dr. Craig Nathanson the highest recommendation possible.  This incredible human being has changed my life.


Greg Kline- USA East Coast

Craig’s presentation on Joyful work was thoughtful, engaging and provided helpful “food for thought” as I review my career and values. Thank you for sharing. I will be speaking in a few weeks to about 50-60 high school and college students who are in a summer internship program and I am planning to share some of Craig’s comments with the students.

Leonard Weingarten

(San Rafael Chamber of Commerce)

There were quite a few things I appreciated and found informative about Dr. Nathanson’s presentation, but I will just keep it to a few. Looking at the historical approaches to leadership was helpful because essentially there are components of each type of leadership that have blended with what makes up truly successful leadership styles down to this day and there have been failures, but we learn from each of them. And, of course, my favorite was the way he brought out that having a humanistic approach is always the gold standard.

Kari Matijkowicz

Member Service Representative

North Bay Credit Union

While many people wonder what’s next for them before or after they retire, few have discovered the realistic, approachable, gentle, and down-to-earth guidance Craig Nathanson provides in Don’t JUST Retire and Die. Craig offers the excellent point that your life runs best and is most fulfilling when you’re going with your natural flow. Buy this book for yourself and for all your family and friends. They’ll thank you for it as you all live more fulfilling lives.

Paulette Ensign

Tips Booklets

Don’t JUST Retire and Die provides further proof that we can create a purposeful livelihood and life for ourselves today that only yesterday would have seemed like an impossible dream. I highly recommend it!

Richard J. Leider

Founder, The inventive Group and best selling author, The Power of Purpose and Repacking Your Bags

Hey Craig!

Just wanted to let you know, I enjoyed and appreciated your article, “Over 40 and Laid Off?”that was in the Cultivate Life! March 24th email newsletter.

Truly the best advice I have read – ie., to regard this as a rare opportunity and as a chance to ‘ease off the accelerator’ and contemplate/design our next steps.

Well done and my sincere thanks!


If you count the minutes from the time you arrive at work until your workday ends when you can return home, then you may be ready for a bold transition from your current employment to ’your perfect vocation’. If so, then you may find “P Is For Perfect” by Craig Nathanson a godsend. He guides you methodically step by step toward your “own” Perfect Vocational Day, and ends with “The Vocational Passion Assessment” which he defines as a “Tool for reflection and action”. Focus on the content of this book and be empowered to find “your perfect vocational day”,

Linda Davis Kyle

Pathways Book Review

Loved your CD, Discover and live your passion.

Too many people wallow in cubicle land in my opinion without any meaning or significance to their work. You had a great line from your audio CD, “I just could not keep doing work that had no meaning to me anymore.”

I think as you get older you just don’t want to play the games anymore. You’re looking for something bigger and more significant in your life. You don’t want to submit a resume and go through the beauty contest again. No more stupid job fairs and filling out mindless employment applications. You don’t want to work for a 30 yr. old boss. You don’t even want a boss
telling you what to do. From the book ‘Half Time’ and its sequels it says you move from Success to Significance and then in very old age to Surrender. Of course with your no retirement vocational attitude, I’d think you’d never surrender except in those last few days if you’re lucky enough and old enough to be in a nursing home and know its your time to go.

Great food for thought, all your pearls of wisdom!


Your Perfect P’s have given us the silent P of Permission, permission to follow our dreams.

J.B Humphrey, M.D, California

Craig Nathanson shares his vocational journey, sharing how he achieved his ‘’ Perfect Vocational Day’’

Craig outlines how anyone can achieve his/her perfect vocational day by creating a vocational road map. I found this book to be insightful, practical and inspirational.

Rosemary Rodriquez, California

Craig Nathanson’s book is like a walk through nature in the middle of a smoggy city. It’s so refreshing to have someone tell us it’s OK to want to do something else for a living; it’s OK to stop choosing just on the basis of money. And he’s walked the talk when he tells us that it can be difficult to make a change when everyone around you has trouble accepting the new you. I have read many books about finding my true vocation, and I have taken every personality and aptitude test ever invented, I think, and this is the first place that I have ever found any answers to the problem “But what if I don’t know what I want to do??” I would highly recommend this book to anyone who is not perfectly happy with the way they spend their day. The exercises in the book will really help you to focus on what is really important and what it is that you are meant to do.

Anita Flegg

Author, "Hypoglycemia: The other sugar disease", Canada

I really enjoyed P is For Perfect! It definitely is a book with a difference. Very Personable!

Susan Jennings

Author, Save some for me: Inspiration for single mothers and the people who love them

Hi Craig

Just read your article “Happiness and Work: Your Life Depends On It” on businessknowhow.com.

The article really rang true for me and gave me a real lift as I am about to take a mid-life change of direction.

Thanks for the encouragement.


Many times I find myself overwhelmed by my one thousand new ideas that pop into my head every day. Craig’s e-book has been extremely useful in keeping me focused and directed towards my goal.


Craig, As you say, it’s never too late to make changes-and I’m seeing them happen in my life right now as I follow your program. Thank you.”

I realized during our brief four months of discussions that I needed to work towards my own business ventures with the goal of leaving corporate America as an employee. I am now progressing toward that path with a very focused plan.

Ross Yukolis

I’m thinking about all the people in my life who would benefit from this e-workbook. I can’t decide who I’d like to get it for first!

Suzanne Kincaid

Author, Financial Freedom On $1 A Day


Loved your CD, Discover and live your passion-

Too many people wallow in cubicle land in my opinion without any meaning or significance to their work. You had a great line from your audio CD, “I just could not keep doing work that had no meaning to me anymore.”

I think as you get older you just don’t want to play the games anymore. You’re looking for something bigger and more significant in your life. You don’t want to submit a resume and go through the beauty contest again. No more stupid job fairs and filling out mindless employment applications. You don’t want to work for a 30 yr. old boss. You don’t even want a boss telling you what to do. From the book ‘Half Time’ and its sequels it says you move from Success to Significance and then in very old age to Surrender. Of course with your no retirement vocational attitude, I’d think you’d never surrender except in those last few days if you’re lucky enough and old enough to be in a nursing home and know its your time to go.

Great food for thought, all your pearls of wisdom!

Gary - Dallas, TX

Craig was fantastic! Super nice guy, personable, unbelievable stories, professional yet down to earth!

Craig’s How to find the RIGHT work workshop was wonderful!!


The workshop How to find the RIGHT work during challenging times is a ten! This workshop went beyond my expectations . Craig is a teacher with a gift!


Thank you for speaking at the Commonwealth Club of California. You filled the room with a standing-room only crowd, and held everyone’s attention the entire time with the timeliness and engaging delivery of your life changing message.

It was obvious that the audience enjoyed your talk as evidenced by how many remained after the lively Q&A session to compliment you. Please think of returning to the Commonwealth Club of California in the future!

John W. Milford

Chair, Grownups Forum, The Commonwealth Club of California

Craig, I cannot tell you how many people LOVED your presentation. You are a dynamic speaker and so articulate; friendly and really good putting humor into the talk. Plus, you made a lot of people think!  Thanks again Craig. You’re one of few that make a difference

Terry Thomas

International Association of Administrative Professionals

Craig Nathanson shared with attendees at Unity In Marin’s Careers In Transition program on how to find the right work during our challenging times. Craig spoke to us several years ago and was a featured speaker during this continuing series of seminars to those who are in a career transition, whether currently unemployed or looking to change their work life’s course.

Craig’s engaging style and interactive exercises propelled the attendees into some real introspection and coming up with what can be both a passionate and fulfilling position for them; in other words , “getting to” go to work instead of the usual “have to” go to work that plagues many of us in our quest for security. The consensus of the many attendees was that there is “purpose in Life” and that it can definitely include the right work for us.

I have personally read Craig’s books and have found each one to be not only visionary but truly inspirational.

Phil Boland

Director, Boland Resources

In the workshop, How to find the RIGHT work during challenging times Craig gave me the model and courage to address and develop the rest of my life! I am so grateful!

Tiffany, California

Great workshop!!! Thank you for giving us your life’s work!

Wendy, California

Craig Nathanson really speaks from the heart of experience on the possibilities for your life after 40.

I’ve read some of his materials before but this is the first time to see him in action. It’s clear he believes passionately in the human potential to grow and learn. I wonder what he has on his bumper plate?! (listen to the presentation!)

My two favorite lines from his talk:

“My life’s like a lemonade stand on a hot, dry summer’s day.”

“Before 40 a job is useful.”

Enjoy! But be aware – he’s both pragmatic and honest about what may happen if you start to really create a passionate life. It’s (probably) simple but never easy…

Mark, San Francisco

Craig Nathanson offered a presentation on pursuing one’s passion for those over 40 to GraceWorks, a networking group for under/unemployed. It was power-packed with useful suggestions, stories, and exercises to help guide one’s vocational path. He used excellent stories to illustrate many points, and made the entire presentation very accessible through a great use of humor. I particularly benefited from his suggestions around building a strong support network including cheerleaders and mentors. Craig is someone who’s been there, done it, found his vocation and can share wisdom and insight with others. It felt like he was a friend offering me encouragement to follow my passion. Thanks Craig.

Robb Anderson, San Francisco


Craig Nathanson is a man who wants to get his message out to everyone and is willing to travel far and wide to do it. He gave a workshop to the patrons of the Hayward Public Library. He encouraged interaction with the audience even though it was a tight time frame. It is an encouraging example he gives to people to find the work they were meant to do. He backs it up with statistics and the experience of many of his clients. He is a man on a mission and the mission is for people to find their vocational passion and to pursue it. That’s a great mission to be on.

Trudy Toll

Adult Services Librarian, Hayward Public Library

I was in the audience at the CPC Job Connections meeting in Danville Saturday 21 March but didn’t get the opportunity to speak with you after your presentation. It’s just as well, because I hadn’t felt the full impact of your presentation yet.

Since then however, I’m not the same person . . . .

I want to thank you for the huge impact your presentation had on me, I was vibrating for the next 48 hours after hearing you. The power of your pure joy and passion was so amazing and the subject matter was exactly what I needed to hear – you were there as a confirmation for me. Earlier in the week at a hiring event, I had a conversation with a recruiter who had encouraged me to follow my passion. I’d replied that the last time I tried it didn’t work out and I was devastated as a result. I also felt like I didn’t have the luxury of trying again. After listening to you, I realized I actually hadn’t gone after my passion before. Rather, I may have hijacked someone else’s instead.

I love that not only do you show what vocational passion looks like – as you seem to be radiating, sending out energy that sparks those who are ready to receive it – but you also tell us how to go about achieving it. Your steps seem so doable. I made sure to take copious notes because it seemed to me that it was those types of steps that I’ve been missing.

Then, after I left your presentation, I bought your P is for Perfect book not realizing it covered exactly what you’d been speaking about in more depth. The visualization exercise wherein your 90 year old self provides advice was amazing. I went to bed Saturday night meditating on my advice to younger me.

Though I never heard of vocational passion, I seemed to understand perfectly what you were talking about. I’ve never been in high ranking officer or management positions. Still, I too have experienced what seemed to be my corporate job killing me – I swore my spirit was dying as I felt so bad that I cried at work every day and after returning home. It’s been several years since that job; I’ve been bouncing around with no direction since my career change attempt didn’t take. Even though I’m in the category of little to no money or time, I continue to work through your book and look forward to the outcome. You have provided welcome and timely inspiration and jolted my existing hope.

Thank you for your willingness to share your gift, show us the way, encourage us to take the plunge, and be an excellent role model of how it looks and feels. I see you doing this work for a lifetime.

I hope that when I identify and embrace my passion, it is as powerful and as pure as yours.


Robin, California

I just wanted to thank you for your enthusiasm and inspiring words. I especially noticed the way you encouraged me and others without any trace of arrogance or threat to your ego. It takes a huge leap of consciousness to know that one does not have to “compete” with everyone else.

Thanks again for making a difference


Craig, thanks so much! Your talk made me realize that I am already on my way to living a authentic life!

Ron, California

All of us were energized by Craig’s presentation. It’s not every day that you are asked to think about the purpose of your life. Craig not only encourages this, he also provides a method for doing so. After his talk everyone was buzzing, not only about what they would really like to do, but also how they might accomplish it. Thank you again, Craig, for a delightful experience.


Mr. Nathanson is an extraordinary human being with the dedication and heart of moving people in the right direction, just what the world needs more of. I thank you.

Kenneth Wong

Craig Nathanson is an exceptional inspiring speaker. He helped me understand what my purpose in life is and do what I love.

Tri Tang

Excellent presentation, every one was so inspired, as for my self I have been giving my future a lot of thought, and Craig’s presentation helped me out, and made me think of what I will be doing later on in life.



Many thanks to your speaking at CSIX. On behalf of CSIX, we really appreciated. Your words had touch many of us and we had learned the true meaning of Passion

Henry Lu

Many thanks for attending our conference and guiding our audience to their passion. Your talk made us restless for finding our own passion and working towards it. Thanks again for all your help!

Natasha Raja

Marketing Director, Network of Indian Professionals

Craig speaks of hope and possibility. He speaks also with integrity and his whole heart. I came from a place where I knew what I loved and what I am passionate about, but was having trouble articulating it and figuring out how to get there from where I was. With his encouragement and practical assignments, such as writing a future bio, I was able to create a picture of who I am and also create a brand new resume that reflected that new picture of my true self. I had the same resume for 10 years, so it was no small feat!!! He gave me much needed feedback as well as countless ideas, which I have already put into action. I am transitioning from a career in which I am somewhat successful and decently paid, but not truly doing my heart’s desire, to one in which I am passionate about and know that with perseverance, I will be even more successful in since I believe it was what I was born to do! I spent all my life attempting to live a life based on obligation and trying to make other people happy, which is how I ended up in a career that was not suited for me. What I realized that my first order of business is to do what makes me happy, and I do believe I am now doing something better for the world. I highly recommend Craig’s services to help you manifest your heart’s desire.

Linda M, Washington

Great talk!! I am currently reading ‘’P Is For Perfect: Your Perfect Vocational Day’’ to learn more about finding my vocational passion.
Thank You,

Steve Scandalis - California

Your ten steps really convey things in a simple and basic way! I really enjoyed your talk.

Lloyd Stensrud - California

I found this workshop very refreshing. Craig provides some very useful tools to help you identify your vocational passions.

Kevin Fuller - California

Thanks so much for helping me push my passion to the forefront.

Doug Babcock - California

Craig, Your sharing your experience, strength and hope provide inspiration to those who that have been caught up in corporate downsizing. Just loved your workshop!

Catherine - California

The workshop was timely and very easy to follow. I highly recommend this workshop for anyone who wants more out of their life! This workshop helps people progress with confidence!

Dr. Pat Hayden - Washington, D.C.

Craig, I have learned so much from you. I use everything each and every day!

Marcia Fuller - California

Your workshop gave me a construct with which to further pursue my interests and talents that I have. Your workshop will really help me to carry out my goals and live a very interesting life!

Todd Johns - Washington, D.C.

I am very proud to be a student of Craig Nathanson, who is an energetic, enthusiastic, and experienced professor. He helped me identify my beliefs, values, capabilities, vocational passion, and most importantly my strengths, weaknesses and future goals. I not only learned a lot from him, but also enhanced my thinking process personally and professionally. He is an excellent person to work with and his teaching and publications are very inspirational.

Genevieve Nixon - Washington, D.C.

Craig, your passion is inspiring, thank you!

John Meyer - Toronto

Good program! The exercises helped me gained new insight!

John Rapinchuk- California

Craig Nathanson’s teachings should be a requirement for all people. As a result of his program, I built a foundation that truly reflects my values and beliefs. He provided the framework to translate those intangibles into my professional life. His teaching is a must for anyone wanting to find the right balance between one’s professional life and personal life passions.

Bridget Lupia - New York City

Thanks for your perspectives on approaching one’s vocation
Your ideas have helped me focus- Thank You!

Joel Moalem- California

Dear Craig,

just wanted to let you know that your workshop really had an impact in my life: As you can see it made a difference for me. It helped me to remain open to new possibilities and not to remain stuck with a job I wasn’t really happy with. I try to keep this open-minded spirit.

Kind regards from Germany

Christina Werner

Hello Craig,

I was fortunate to be able to attend the CSIX meeting to hear your excellent discussion on how to find the work you’d like to do. I had attended the meeting at CPC Danville on 11/01/03 and bought your book P is for Perfect, Your Perfect Vocational Day. After that meeting, I got a job which lasted until December 2005. Tonight, I finally read the book (I did the exercises in my head), and have a greater appreciation of your well thought-out strategies.

John Roberts - Fremont Ca

Hi Craig

I attended a workshop of yours over two years ago in Toronto. I attended because I knew I had to make changes in my life, and I guess I was looking for ‘permission’ to do what I wanted to do, instead of simply going through the motions of my work day life. I already had many ideas of what I would do with my time if only I could break away from my 9-5 cubicle life! I think I was also hoping to meet like-minded people, just to confirm that I wasn’t being selfish, irrational or insane!

I had, from all appearances, a great job at the top of my field. But the work was not appealing to me anymore….in fact it was becoming pure drudgery. I felt I was giving up my time to a company who only cared about profit, and meanwhile the years of my life were passing by.

I left your workshop with a lot to think about, and knew that I wasn’t being selfish….I simply want to spend my life MY way, using whatever strenghts and talents I have to enrich others’ lives in any way possible.

I have made many changes since that day. I left my high-profile job, and I traded my life in the suburbs for a small house in the country. My expenses are minimal, I don’t have a mortgage, my car insurance is less because I live in the country, and I breathe fresh country air. I’m happy to have left the rat race behind, and am excited to be able to explore different types of work.

I read your e-mails of encouragement every month, and wanted to let you know you are doing great work! You are helping people to pursue what makes them feel happy and fulfilled. We spoke only briefly when you were in Toronto, but you helped me put my vague feelings into words, which in turn led me to make changes in my life. I wanted to let you know that you made a difference in my life. Thank you

Today I am a certified fitness trainer, which was a sideline of mine for the last fifteen years of my corporate life. Without the 9-5 cubicle obligation, I now spend my days helping people attain their fitness goals and make a positive impact on their health. I derive great satisfaction from this (and it keeps me fit too)! I also knit sweaters for children and dogs (another long-held passion of mine) to sell at craft shows.

I admit it took a leap of faith to make the changes I made, but I’ve always believed in listening to my heart – it’s never steered me wrong! I also have a very supportive husband. Thanks again for helping me make the leap through hearing you talk while you were in Canada.

April Barker - Toronto

A few years ago, I began to feel dissatisfied with my work. I’d been in my field for three decades and I found myself no longer wanting to go to work each day. At that point, I started working with Craig. While still at my job, I began getting myself ready for a life away from the career I had outgrown. Craig’s practical support in helping me find a way to move into work that had greater meaning for me was extremely helpful. I don’t know if I would have made the change into the area of my dreams had it not been for the work I did with Craig. I do know that the transition would have been far more difficult and costly. I would recommend Craig’s expertise to anyone who is considering changing careers.


I started working with Craig as I was into my 8th year of living and working overseas for a company that in the beginning I oved. But something was wrong, I felt stuck and unfulfilled. I found Craig though a professional association that I belong to, I contacted him, as I wanted help in putting together my resume and working on my interview skills, which we did perfectly together.

But as we continued to work via skype on my next move, it became apparent that Craig had so much more to offer. As I took Craig on as my vocational coach, my world finally began to shift for the better and the changes began to appear. The opportunities came knocking to leave the company, move back to my own country, apply for roles that I would not have in the past and worked steadily on my own business idea. I was able to navigate all of this change, through the flexible, caring and honest coaching style of Craig Nathanson. first in New York and then in Australia

Denise Meyer

Craig, I am grateful for your time mentoring me through the 10P program. I found it very helpful. Now I just need to implement the concepts. I am on a journey to reinvent myself in mid life and I appreciate the vision that you have helped me to develop.

I would recommend your program to others in mid life who are looking for a change.

Robert Peters, Florida

I believe Craig Nathanson is one of the most powerful, clear , helpful and passionate coaches and speakers that I have had the honor of interview for Public Radio Broadcasts. He is very succinct and has a depth as well as a support nature, that lures the listener as well as the client into the conversation and towards major movement forwards with our wishes and dreams.

Katy Byrne, MA, MFT

As we all know, making profound change in your life is hard and there are many internal and external factors that work to keep you where you are today. Craig comes at this problem from the unique point of view that you have to find something that you are passionate about to provide you with enough motivation to push through the resistance. Coupled with this is a “systemic” approach which looks at all aspects of your life and helps you visualise the lifestyle and relationships that you want.

It’s important to accept that no one but you can make change happen, but Craig plays a key role in listening, helping you define what is meaningful from the noise, and keeping you honest and on track when things get tough. When thoughts wander and doubts creep in, Craig ensures that you go back to first principles and concentrate on what you identified as important to you. It is this support and continuity which is most helpful – as is having someone who isn’t a friend or loved one that you may feel you have bored enough with your issues!

I did my sessions with Craig via Skype from a completely different timezone which worked very well and may have even been preferable to face to face. I wouldn’t say I have managed to make the radical change that I first envisioned but I do have a better understanding of the opportunities open to me and belief in the possibility of making them happen

Ethan - London

I enjoyed your talk at Marin Professionals today. You got so many people thinking in ways I could tell they’ve never allowed themselves to think and imagine. Outstanding job!!

Kindest regards,

Margaux - California

Craig is a man of integrity. His passion for his vocation and care for the people is inspiring. During the past few months of working with him, I enjoyed a fresh glass of lemonade. I will never forget the experience of a cheerleader alongside me and hope to empower others the way he did to me.

Deanna M. Kim, M.Ed

Founder, JD Learning Academy

Dear Craig,

That was an absolutely amazing workshop yesterday! I felt so privileged to be part of a group and have access to your knowledge, insights, and creativity. I am setting aside time to go over everything again and do the exercises in a more thoughtful manner.

Colleen - Los Angeles

Thanks Craig, you support and guidance has been amazing and I want to acknowledge you and the work that you do, the difference you have contributed to my life in the last 6 months has been, simply life changing, exciting, challenging and most of all rewarding. So thank you.

Denise Meyer - Australia

I always felt great after Craig and I talked. Craig Nathanson helped loosen up my hold on money and got me started trying things I needed to try in order to find out what direction I should go. His approach is sincere and I will always remember his pearl of wisdom to “go where the energy is”. I believe that in an indirect way, Craig helped me book a trip to Peru, which looks like it is taking my life in an entirely different direction than I would ever have dreamed 6 months ago. I am now interested in learning how to build a sustainable cob house and how to support myself through farming. I am just getting started, but I feel more clear about my direction.

Thanks for making a difference in my life Craig

Mike. M - Portland Orgeon


Thank you for the wisdom and for the encouraging advice throughout our coaching sessions. As is for most people who become wise enough to help others, I know it came from your own tough road.

Kyle - West Coast

Craig Nathanson is an Inspiration, Confidant, and Truly the Best Vocational Coach you could find to discover the path to your Passion in Life.

Richard - California

Dear Craig,

Thank you very much for all the effort, educational material and all that you have provided during our coaching sessions. It’s been a good journey where accessing part of who I am has not been necessarily easy; in part, it’s been painful but well worth it!!!

You have helped me re-invent part of myself and who I am with respect to my profession and vocation that should reflect only a well rooted passion in my soul. Though I’m still exploring the Solar field; however, raising serious questions about what I do and how I do it have been tremendous and significant insight and contribution that you have kindly provided.

Karim Bellaid

While I was going through the toughest time of my life, divorce and loss of job I ran across Craig Nathanson “the vocational coach”. I needed so much help in understanding my situation and also moving forward with a new life, I hired Craig. Since I hated my vocation I knew I couldn’t go back, I was truly lost.

Through his materials and one on one coaching he was able to guide me in sorting out my vocational problems. He was able to frame my thinking in a way that led me out of that mess. I am now on my way in my new endeavour thanks to Craig. He’s an awesome coach and now a good friend that I’ll be thankful to forever.

Craig Barton - Arizona

Craig is an outstanding human being, with brains, ability, compassion and understanding. Very aware in the world, I recommend him to all who may need a friend and guidance in life.

Hugh - Canada

Dear Craig,

I feel I have many things to be grateful for. First, and foremost, I sure am glad that you’re out there and helping those of us in mid-life to follow our vocational passion(s)! I think it is such a wonderful service that you provide and you do a great job! It is nice, too, having someone there to help us believe in ourselves. I never really had much of that. I always feel really good after our phone sessions. Many thanks!

Evelyn - Washington D.C

A belief that I wrote down in an exercise with Craig Nathanson was: “There are a lot of people out there willing to help me.” I’m definitely finding this to be true. First, there was Craig. He was willing to help push me out of a zone of comfort/sleep and into something I love to do. A friend is designing my entire magazine, after turning down a high-paying animation job to help. And, since starting the magazine, I’ve had several key players introduce me to virtually every person on their contact lists. So I already have tremendous connections going in the community. Accessible Content Magazine has the potential to be the “center of gravity” for its industry, and it’s because people know the value of it and they find me to be a good guy to work with. I think I acted at the right time! When I’m helping a writer fine-tune their story for the magazine, it feels so good.

I really think I’m getting aligned with I what I was meant to do. It’s just like Craig said, when I get e-mail now, it’s about MY business and it’s fun to get every one. Thanks, Craig, for all of your encouragement and support. I haven’t said, “Oh god, I quit my job,” in a month. Instead, I feel that I have really started something!

Matt Vande Voorde

Publisher, Accessible Content Magazine California

Your work with me was one of the best gifts I have ever been given. I hope that many other people are able to put into practice what you suggest. Thank you again, I am grateful.

Melissa Counsell - California

I’ve been working with Craig weekly for several months. I am continually impressed with how intuitive Craig is. He always has my best interests and objectives in mind, even when I veer off track. I’ve read the books (“P is for Perfect,” “Zen and the Art of Making a Living,” “What Color is Your Parachute,” “Career Guide for Creative and Unconventional People,” etc.) and I’ve met with other career counselors. I’ve gone to University career centers, spent hours online, and done work on my own trying find a career that combines my passions, talents, and experience. I can honestly say, I’ve never been so on-track. I feel incredibly lucky to have found Craig. I profit from his career and interpersonal Wisdom. My sessions with Craig are absolutely the best investment I have made in my vocational life. Anyone who is not satisfied with their vocational life WILL benefit Immensely from working with Craig.

Lance A. Wexler - California

Craig Nathanson is a genius at helping people clarify what they want to do with their work lives, and get on with it. He has been there. His vast corporate experience, understanding of human development and faith in human possibilities, fired by his own personal journey, motivate and support people to realize that they can, indeed, have it all; true happiness and success in all facets of life.

Dr. Serena Williamson

The Book Coach

Craig, A truly successful person not only helps themselves, but reaches out and helps others at the same time. You are a beautiful human being.

Val - California

Craig helped me to focus my energy on what I love to do rather than on just finding another job. With his guidance and counsel, I have begun going down a path I never would have thought of on my own. He’s been a great coach and mentor

Minna Vallentine

Craig helped me to trust my own instincts when creating my own life, and he is a great touchstone of support along the journey.

Marianne McCraney


It’s refreshing to work with someone with obvious intelligence and creativity who can think out of the proverbial “box”.

Gary - California

Hi Craig,

Thanks for hosting the teleclass; it was informative and inspiring! So much so that I grabbed my sixteen-year-old daughter, to listen in. She has always wanted to work with animals and create her own business, but in recent years has felt that there is no chance of being successful at that. Your conversation with Cecelia helped; I think her attitude is turning in a positive direction.

Did you think that you could capture the interest of a sixteen-year-old? That’s quite an achievement!

Keep up your wonderful work; for my part, I am on the sidelines, cheering you on as well –


Colleen Salomon


That was a wonderful class last night.  Your guests are really great, and you know what questions to ask.

Thank you so much!


Barbara Dixon

When I attended Craig’s teleclass I did not know what to expect as I had never done a teleclass before. I was pleasantly surprised by a forum with a limitless potential of fellow attendees which I could access via my telephone in the comfort of my own home. It was not lost on me that this technology transcends so many of the potential pitfalls people with busy lives may face when trying to attend classes. I could have attended this from my cell phone if I had wanted!

During the class Craig touched upon many important issues that lie beneath the surface for people who know they need to make vocational changes, but for whom money and time are concerns. The class was not just geared for those with no money and lots of time, or no time but lots of money. Instead, he identified five different categories of people with money and time challenges and then offered solutions for each. Additionally there were testimonials from some of Craig’s clients who had or were in the process of transforming their respective lives using Craig’s techniques.

Together they provided a powerful glimpse into the rewards that are waiting for anyone who can think outside the box long enough to take some steps forward. From there it simply requires that we keep on stepping.

Great class!


Actress, Singer, and CEO, The Village Network

I am a fifty-two year old divorced woman starting over. I came into Craig’s office scared, dejected and concerned about my future. At our very first meeting, Craig was able to help me discern what brought me joy and passion.

In his thorough and methodic way, Craig has guided me to my dream of writing and being a public speaker. I never would have had the courage to believe in myself, without his tremendous gift of sharing his passion for helping others.

Anna Maria

“Knowing that something needs to change in your life, knowing what you need to change, even having a feeling on how you could do it….. and then usually not allowing yourself to take the actions needed… it is not easy to allow yourself to lead the life you always dreamed of…. not easy to love yourself…not easy to forgive yourself….  and a million excuses to not pursuit your own authentic life.”

“I would like to thank Craig for being that life-changing guide in my life, for unleashing my potential, for unlocking feelings and desires, for being instrumental and pragmatic in his approach, and for  making me believe that I deserve to lead an authentic life.”

Kay De Vreese, Co-founder & CEO Belvico

“Very much enjoyed the program. It was very informative and I appreciate Dr. Nathanson’s style and manner of speaking. He articulates his knowledge and experience very well.”

HR Professional-Northern California

“Dr. Nathanson has been a huge hit and we’re looking forward to having him back for more. He has a professional yet fun and friendly demeanor that makes him extremely relatable and engaging.”

Nicole Serres

President- Star HR

Dr. Nathanson, your work has impacted our research and writing. We plan to include the Humanistic Leadership Model in our book chapter in a new book that will discuss the way forward after Covid for organizations and their people. We both hold strong beliefs about the value of humanistic leadership and appreciate that your work validates our work.

Susie Vaughan- Executive Leadership Coach

Angela Lehr- Licensed Counselor and Leadership Consultant

It has been my pleasure to have recently worked with Dr. Craig Nathanson on a training project for our organization’s leadership team. After giving him our desired topic and background regarding the purpose of the training, he came back with a proposal for a 2-hour workshop, complete with goals and outcomes. The feedback upon completion of his facilitation of these workshops was very positive. Everyone appreciated his personable presentation style, how interactive the sessions were, and his demonstrated expert knowledge and experience. I cannot think of anything that would have made it any better and I’m truly looking forward to working with Craig on many more training workshops to come!

Lynn McKissock, M.S., Chief HR Officer, Sonoma Valley Hospital