Bonnie Vining


Software Engineer turns into Coffee House Owner

Just over a year ago, during a job interview for an engineering management position, Bonnie Vining was advised not to smile so much. In that instant, she decided to have a new PERSPECTIVE. She knew that she wanted a career where a smile would be an asset rather than a liability, and that revelation sparked her idea for Javalina’s Coffee and Friends. She set out on a journey to learn everything she could about speciality coffee and the coffee shop business. She met some fabulous people along the way, people like Aaron Triplett of Roaster X who has mentored her in every aspect of the specialty coffee business and Shawn Cole of Chestnut Construction who has set a prime example for outstanding customer service. She also received tremendous support from lots of people who spent countless hours working on various projects that will add unique touches to help make Javalina’s special.

Bonnie’s hope is that Javalina’s will inspire a sense of community on the southeast side of Tucson. She envisions it as a place where employees will stop on their way to work to pick up their first cup of coffee or read the morning paper, a place where stay-at-home mom’s can get together with their kids in the afternoons, a place where people will meet before a bicycle ride or hike, a place where employees of the nearby shops will enjoy coffee breaks, a place where employees of the U of A Science and Technology Park will gather for meetings, stop by after lunch or for “cappi” hours after work, a place where students will come to study, and an inviting place to bring a date, gather with friends, or use the wireless internet. Individuals in the community will shape the character of Javalina’s, and she is excited about watching its personality develop over time. Javalina’s will serve specialty coffee drinks, gourmet tea, smoothies, and baked goods with attention to great customer service in an atmosphere that encourages good clean fun. Bonnie looks forward the whole community becoming a part of Javalina’s!

What can we learn from Bonnie

Bonnie didn’t accept the external perspective on how she should live her life. She decided to have a new perspective about herself and what she wanted to do and she did it. A wonderful lesson for all of us!