Brigitte Nadeau


Sexologist changes her own life, now helps women change theirs

Brigitte Nadeau hasn’t always been a successful sexologist and expert on issues regarding a woman’s body image. Until she found her vocational PASSION, Brigitte’s life seemed like a dead-end filled with unnecessary stressors. She lacked fulfillment and the type of creative work that empowered her soul. That’s when Brigitte turned to working with women on embracing their bodies.

Brigitte, who has been a certified sexologist since completing her university training in Canada in 1992, used to be unhappy in her day-to-day activities. She developed major heart palpitations. Brigitte tuned in to her body’s signals and gained perspective. She stopped, seriously examined her life, and then made changes. Her role now is to empower women who want a fulfilling intimate life.

Since she was a teenager, Brigitte has been fascinated by people’s sexual health. She has always enjoyed working with women’s groups. So when she had health problems, Brigitte decided to make a change and instead work exclusively with women’s issues. Making the change, Brigitte says, “was such a revelation.”

Brigitte restructured her existing teleconference recording business ( and delegated a significant portion of the work to her employees to make time for her new work. She then integrated aspects of her existing business — creating CDs and online programs — into her sexology work. In the process, Brigitte created a website for her second venture ( and separate office workspaces for her business offshoot.

Working to empower women then became Brigitte’s primary goal, through examining intimacy and sexuality in people’s lives and beyond. “Transitioning to that path made me create additional tools to empower women in other aspects of their lives,” Brigitte says, pointing to her CD series on women entrepreneurs that’s scheduled to debut in summer 2005 ( “I feel like I am more in control . . . and my life purpose and intentions are more compatible with this new vocation.”

Since changing her vocation, Brigitte has learned to find a better balance between work and play, between the things she has to do and the things she wants to do. She keeps herself accountable by attending a monthly master mind-group, and by sticking to biweekly vocational coaching sessions with a buddy. Brigitte creates three specific goals every month that include self-care objectives and business objectives alike. “I always have two or three projects going at the same time,” she says, which allows her creativity to flow.

What can we learn from Brigitte’s story?

Perhaps the most important thing a person can learn from Brigitte’s experience is to trust their internal and external signs. If something appears missing in your life, it’s crucial to listen to your own body and then take decisive action