Dolores Arste


Former IT Manager turns to Holistic Coaching

For almost 40 years, Dolores has been following the bread crumb trails the Universe had left for her. The first she can remember is finding a match book cover with the words “Become a keypunch operator.” She had no idea those simple words would lead her on an adventure that started at the beginning of the computer age.

Now, after a long career in Data Processing and the Web that had her leading many successful teams of developers, testers and implementations, she has embarked on a path of bringing what she has learned to as many people as she can touch.

Dolores’ successful career enabled her to follow her PASSION for animals. Although her first love was always horses, as a young adult, she could not afford her own. Instead, she filled her spare time with dogs in the breeding and showing game, which led her to wins at the famed Westminster Kennel Club. She eventually became a show Dog Show judge as well.

After meeting her husband, Dolores also took up the sport of Sled Dog Racing. Together, they built a kennel of racing Siberian Huskies and produced a more than average number of leaders by implementing positive training methods that included saying “yes” and rewarding the desired behavior.

During that time of successful competition with dogs, the universe kept gently pushing Dolores back towards horses until finally she gave up the dogs altogether for a new pastime of Long Distance Competitive Trail Rides. Dolores has completed several 100-mile rides with her Morgan stallion, Lance.

Then, fate saw fit to send her Cadbury! Cadbury was the first son of her prized stallion and her precious mare Cherry.

Cadbury was born on Dolores’ farm and was different from most horses right from the start. He was independent and athletic and bold on the outside but frightened on the inside. Not all horses are born with the same ability, shall we say, to have conversations with humans. This thought also applies to people in that not all people are equipped with the same skills for having conversations with each other or with an equine. At the beginning of every new relationship, we all bring what we bring—our perceptions, our prejudices, our stereotypes, our fears, and, of course, our agendas and egos.

While learning to speak to and be spoken to by her special horse, Dolores has learned how to have a relationship with a horse, a person, or a family member. Dolores learned to tap into her emotions and the fear that was generated by her horse and she learned methods for releasing fear. Now Dolores uses her experience of dealing with a difficult animal and her unique methods to help her coaching clients “turn off” their fear.

Cadbury is now one of the premier demo horses for the Clicker horse training series and attends Equine Expos as an ambassador of the method.

When the lovely mare, Cherry, got sick at almost the same time that Dolores lost her mom, Dolores wasted no time in finding something that would save the mare. She found the solution in Energy Mirrors and now brings that added Perspective to all of her coaching and training work.

Dolores loves making things happen! She believes we must alwaystry and we must follow our hearts’ desire. Some describe Dolores as a “dog with a bone” because she is so persistent in finding the answers to questions that arise. She is best at lifting others into the exploration of their inner spirits to accomplish their goals and a whole lot more. Dolores’ coaching philosophy is that coaching provides powerful energetic support and extremely effective tools for the individual who is ready to make the life changes they want. For these changes to happen and become established in a person’s life, coaching must work at a holistic level that integrates thoughts, feelings, words and actions. It must work with all four kinds of energy—physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual.

Never give up. There is an answer for each of us if we listen carefully enough and are brave enough to follow our own trails of bread crumbs

What can we learn from Dolores?

When we have a healthy Perspective of ourselves, new energy and wisdom can provide more fulfillment and meaning in our work