Jennifer Wright


Occupational therapist turns her life upside down to answer the call!

In 1999, Jennifer Wright took her first steps toward becoming a mid-life heroine, when, at age 47, she moved half way around the world. Having grown up in the mid-west, single parent of two children, working as an occupational therapist (O.T.) working in various clinical, educational and management roles, she felt the call to adventure when her two children left home. Systematically she disordered her predictable life with all the right “stuff” in order to re-create a new life in New Zealand.

Jennifer completed coaching training in 2003. Her O.T. experience in wellness, aging and adventure therapy gave her a theoretical model on which to hang her coach’s training. She also recognized the power of a backpacking trip to Nevada, with her 21- year- old son, when she made her life-changing decision to move to New Zealand. She started to look at new POSSIBILITIES! An idea to create an adventure coaching program for women in mid-life transition led her to the creation of Mid-Life Adventure. In addition to leading real life 6 day/5 night adventures in New Zealand, Jennifer offers life-changing coaching via teleclasses and one to one telephone coaching sessions. Most recently she released a 10 hr CD with workbook, whereby women can, in their own time, experience the life-changing power of “becoming a heroine, or the author of their own story at midlife. Women, who are drawn to her program are from 45-65 and are looking for “more” and want a grounded, reality-based program. Common issues are empty nest, relationship challenges, lack of meaning in work and personal life, dealing with menopause in the workplace, dealing with chronic illness, and balancing career, aging parents, and a life for themselves. Jennifer’s long-standing career as an Occupational therapist allows her to meet women “where they are” and provide just the right challenge. Jennifer’s clients are able to quickly move from frustration, overwhelm, and confusion, to a sense of empowerment and meaning at mid-life.

Jennifer was featured in May 15, 2005 cover story Female Mid Life Crisis: Bring it on and most recently in a 60 Minutes documentary on her adventures in New Zealand. Visit her website at for a free midlife adventure assessment and sign up her monthly adventure newsletter.

What can we learn from Jennifer?

Sometimes it does take rocking the boat and changing one’s life completely to answer the call for a more authentic life!