Jieranai T. Maier


High Tech Professional turns to building global Boomers community!

Jieranai T. Maier had been in the business world with a background in finance, planning, information systems, internet research and database management. She worked all over the world. (London, Bangkok, Teheran and in the US). She was an executive secretary to the President and VP, customer planner, a Human Resource Rep and a office manager, she managed and was a Corp. Strategic planner (for a division of 240 millions in sales) and also developed several planning systems for the Planning, Finance, and Marketing depts. For over 10 years, Jieranai worked for a major semi-conductor corporation as a Sr. Programmer/Systems Analyst and other varied I.T related positions. During this time, she started to discover something else she cared deeply about.

She envisioned an Internet community that provided clean fun, opportunities for self-renewal, a place to keep informed about news and events affecting baby boomers. She also wanted to help bridge the generation gap and promote understanding between cultures, one of the reasons she purposely gave the site an International focus.

Today www.boomersint.org has received over 5000 positive comments on the site. Jieranai was interviewed by an L.A. Times reporter who mentioned the Boomers International web site in a news article about boomers. She was interviewed by a New York Times report. The site is being used as a reference by CNN Television. It was featured as (Mother of all Boomer sites) in The Authors’ CHOICE: on The Fourth Turning Web Sites (Seasonal History and Generations.)

As this hobby became a full time effort, Jieranai decided to finally leave the high stress and high paying corporate life in Silicon Valley. She bought a small ranch in Southern California.

Now she is able to enjoy her activities in the PRESENT. She is now able to pursue her dreams of spending more time with her children, living in the country, writing poetry and gardening. She is also running several businesses with her family and on her own. Her family businesses include an avocado grove, a small vineyard, a landscaping design company, a talent agency (in Hollywood) and several Internet web sites.

Jieranai describes that she now enjoys her new activities because she has the opportunity to make people happy and feel special. She believes the world is a nicer place when people are happy.

What can we learn from Jieranai’s story?

When you combine all of your passions and actually spend your time with them in the present, you feel fulfilled and a sense that your life is making a greater difference in the bigger picture. This is something which many of us seek in mid-life.