Michelle Hill


From Administrative Assistant to Winning Proof Scores!

Michelle Hill has typo-eye. She was born with this “disease” but she has figured out a way to profit from this malady. Throughout her schooling years and beyond, she saw typos everywhere; in newspapers, text books, magazines….anywhere the printed word appeared. Thinking a day j-o-b was her only option, she faithfully performed with her typo-eye for a variety of employers, proofreading RFPs (request for proposals), sales letters and the like.

In the process Michelle was downsized twice and most of the time reduced to being thought of as just the office help….”please don’t try to do anything else, just get the mail and proofread for us.” This left Michelle demoralized and discouraged.

After being introduced to The Vocational Coach and finding that there are better ways to make a living than sitting in a flimsy cubicle with a time clock and a set amount of vacation days, she decided it was time to make her own way.

She used her proofreading and copy-editing skills to write all her own copy for her website, www.winningproof.com and she was off and running. Her plans include gaining some larger corporate clients as well as small business owners, ESL businesses, and seniors who need some help writing their life stories and memoirs.