Rosemary-Martino Rodriguez


Rosemary bounces back!

I started working with Craig during my last job search. I had been out of work, during the height of the worst California unemployment in years. I had been laid off the day I returned from maternity leave (my 3rd child). I felt hurt that no one wanted an IT Systems Administrator. It did not matter that I had the education, expertise and people skills. I was close to the point of despair.

Craig Nathanson helped me realize that I needed a plan. I was not going to find my destination if I did not know where I was going. During our sessions we explored what my goals were, what I wanted to do and more importantly what I needed to do to get to my goal.

I figured out that I wanted to work, at this point I did not care what I would be doing as long as I was not at home with my 3 kids. I love my children dearly, but I found out in my time at home that I was not meant to stay at home. I found a job as a Contractor working for a large computer company, 5 minutes from my house. I was so pleased! Through my meetings with Craig I had mustered the courage to subject myself to another interview, since I was so tired of being rejected. I also knew, that this was only a pit stop in my vocational journey not my destination.

Since I was putting together a roadmap, I kept applying for jobs knowing that I wanted to continue working with computers but I did not want the stress that goes along with the role in most companies. My passion was to one day work near the ocean. To my surprise I was contacted by a company, that does Marine Research. I had submitted my resume 5 months earlier; I was in shock.

This was my destination, for this part of my journey, I was positive! But I was so fearful. Would they like me? Would I make the same mistakes in the interview? Would I say the wrong things? I was so grateful to have Craig’s vocational guidance. He helped me every step of the way. From envisioning my self in the position, facing my fear of failure to what I should concentrate on.

I know in my heart of hearts, that Craig’s encouragement and support, were a key component in my success in obtaining this position.

I am grateful every day that I walk to my office, I am right next to the ocean (for me this is a dream come true). I get to do the work I love (work with computers, do research, design) in the environment I needed to keep my sanity (stress level is low). I can honestly say that I am very close to my PERFECT VOCATIONAL DAY. Before meeting Craig, I would have never thought that this was possible in my line of work. Now I am a great believer in seeking my vocational PASSION.

What can we learn from Rosemary’s story?

Achieving your perfect vocational day is possible if you keep the dream, the vision alive of exactly you want to do be doing. The more specific the vision the better. Rosemary knew inside why this was important to her and that helped drive her momentum.