At any age but especially after forty these are the five most important questions to ask yourself about your work to enable an authentic life.

1. Does my work make sense to me
(Not because you are paid or have a big office or impressive title)

2. Is my work fulfilling?
(Just like that ice cream tastes on a hot summer day, your work should be as fulfilling)

3.Does my work align my abilities and what I am motivated to do right now?
(The worse reason to work at something is just because you are good at it. You must also enjoy it if you expect to work at it for a long time)

4. Can I see and feel the difference which my work makes?
(If we don’t see the connection between our work and how others benefit we end up working only for money which leads to burn-out over time)

5. Can I do this work for the rest of my life?
( It no longer makes sense to retire. Besides if you loved your work, why would you ever want to stop?)

I’ll be cheering you on as you go!

Craig Nathanson

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