Welcome to our online community which is focused on my research and work in the area of humanistic leadership, practical management ideas and Joyful work.

I am convinced after writing and speaking about these topics for over 25 years that the world would be a better place if we all did what we love. Under the section called Joyful Work, you will find many resources to enable you to find the right joyful work which will last a lifetime. The reason many people don’t enjoy their work is that they have poor managers. In the section of our site called The HUMANISTIC Leader, you will find useful resources for both new and existing leaders to enable the best work with people. In this section, you will find useful resources to learn how to lead people by placing the priority of people over profit and discover that by leading people in humanistic ways, both people productivity and profit rise!

I look forward to your active involvement and participation in our growing community of people learning how to become more self-aware while leading themselves and others in more productive ways.