Time has run for our current models of consumption and behavior. People have to start living differently and companies have to stop producing products and services which take away limited resources. This will require new ways of leading organizations and people. Here is a starter list of what must be done now.


What’s in

What’s out

Place people over profit Place profit over people
Stability Growth
Team based pay Merit based pay
Society collective vision Company centric based vision
Integrity Poor ethics
Invest in people Invest only in products and services
No harm to earth as a priority Use of resources to maximize profit
Clear vision, values which contribute to society Unclear vision, values
Flexible work anywhere, anytime, anyway policy Inflexible work environments
Communication and collaboration which enable

Joy at work

Performance appraisals
Teach people how to motivate themselves Reward and punish people to drive external motivation
Social responsibility Exclude local communities
Enable creativity, risk taking, courage, innovation Demand compliance
All people vested in the financial success of the


Only senior management benefits in the success
Respectful culture Disrespectful culture
High wages, strong benefits Minimum wages, poor benefits
Culture which enables learning Limited learning opportunities
Diversity Inequality
Valuing customers Ignoring customer feedback
Role modeling humanistic values Corrupt and unethical behavior
Leading and coaching Authoritative managing
Systems thinking (long term, vision) Short term profit oriented


There is no choice now if we want to have a sustainable world!

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