Self-awareness as a prerequisite to humanistic leadership

A key aspect of humanistic leadership is to be self-aware. It is useful to understand the meaning of one’s life and ensuring that it supports personal growth and at the same time does not harm others. It is important to understand how we want to see ourselves in the world.

Humanistic leaders have a deep understanding of their values and what it takes daily to follow these values through their behaviors. The humanistic leader is collective, which means that all actions and decisions are carried out with other people in mind considering how it affects them. Finally, the humanistic leader is a system’s thinker. The humanistic leader understands that there are always unintended consequences which can occur with any action or decision.

How does a person become self-aware?

It is important to know and accept yourself unconditionally. Only then will you be able to also accept others. It is important to understand at a deep level who you are, what you want, and why.

Matching one’s values and goals are important for living an authentic life and a life which benefits others. The path to self- awareness takes daily reflection. It is important to have a process in place for becoming self- aware.  It can be a roadmap process such as a joyful work model™ or any process which you find useful.

The benefits of the self-aware leader

The self-aware, humanistic leaders are tolerant of themselves and thus more understanding of others. Humanistic leaders have empathy for other people and their challenges. Humanistic leaders are transparent in their communication with others and active listeners.

What happens when a leader is not humanistic and not self-aware?

Unaware non-humanistic leaders don’t think through their actions and the possible unintended consequences. We see the result of this today throughout the world with the global climate crisis, increased tension in the world, and lack of tolerance. This is the result of placing too much emphasis on profit over people and individual needs over collective needs.

Our collective sustainability depends on all of us to become self-aware, humanistic leaders across the globe working together on common goals. How we treat ourselves is a reflection of how we care for others.

The Next steps

To be a sustainable person on a sustainable planet requires all of us to take action now and become more collective, more self-aware, and more humanistic.

Figure out what you can do on a daily basis to become more self-aware and become a humanistic leader of yourself and others.  Don’t ever underestimate the personal power which you have if used in positive ways. Start with small incremental changes within yourself, and then new habits and behaviors will follow.

You will feel better knowing that you did YOUR part to make a difference in the world.