Think about how you will think about it before you think about it

It’s how you think about things which affects the quality of your life. Many of us spend time posting on social media, watching television, working out at the gym, hanging out and going through our typical day with our normal routines and habits. But we spent little time alone with our thoughts.

HOW you think affects all elements of your life including your work, your health, and your relationships. WHAT are you thinking about right now? And HOW are you thinking about this right now? Are you thinking of this thought in the present, from the past or a future orientation? Are you thinking about this thought from a positive or negative perspective?  Are you thinking about this thought as you are distracted or focused on something else which disturbs your thinking? Are you thinking about this thought when you’re hungry, fulfilled, tired, rested, angry, or cheerful?

Thinking and happiness

How you think also affects your level of happiness. What is happiness?

Well, it’s that feeling you get when you feel everything seems right. You feel happy. You feel good and cheerful and optimistic. Happiness is subjective, but so is your thinking.

For example, think of the following questions/ statements:

What am I grateful for?

Isn’t it great that…

Do you realize that?

Now, think about how you feel after.

Now, think of the following statements:

I feel bad about myself because…

I won’t reach my goals because…

I won’t have good relationships because…

Now, think about how you feel after.

This should show how your thinking affects how you feel.

Thinking and your health

Many of us spend time making ourselves look better but invest little time to learn how to think in more healthy ways.  Since we are creatures of habit, it is important to build good thinking habits. For example, it is important to spend time daily reflecting on many aspects of your life.

You will find that you get better results when thinking positively versus in a negative state. You will experience better results when thinking in a hopeful state versus a skeptical state. When making important decisions, make sure that you are well rested and fed versus hungry and tired. What you think about also affects how you feel, and this affects how your behavior. Also, your behavior affects how you feel which affects how you think.

Thinking about work

How do you think about your work? Do you expect work to be joyful or just the way to earn your paycheck? Different approaches will drive different results. Do you think about what would be just perfect for you when it comes to your work or just how to get through the day as soon as possible?

Do you think about your work as doing what you love for most of the day for most of your life? Or do you think work is only one more day closer to retirement.

Think right now about which work you would love to do which would last a lifetime. Write down why this is possible. Notice how you feel.

Now think about why the work you would love to do is impossible. Now, notice how you feel?

How you think about your work will affect how you approach your work which is critical since you will spend over one third of your life working.

Thinking and relationships

Think right now about someone close to you in your life.

Do you have this person in mind?

How are you thinking about them right now?

Answer these questions: I am grateful for this person in my life because?

This person is amazing because?

I care about this person because?

Now, as you continue to think about this person, think of the following:

This person makes me angry because…

This person annoys me because…

I wish this person could be more like…

Now examine how you feel about this person after each set of questions and answers.

Where you choose to focus your thoughts when thinking about someone who you are close to will impact your feelings.

Remember that you can’t change another person, but you can change how you think about another person.

Thinking and productivity

Your ability to get things done is influenced by how you think.

Think about what is most important for you to get done in your life right now?

What is the best way to approach this?

Where can you make trade-offs with your time?

When is the best time to work on your most important priorities?

Think about what your life will be like when you accomplish what is most important to you and how you will feel.

Think about how you might better take time for planning, prioritizing and completing your most important tasks daily.

Think about how you can better align your values, goals, and your daily behavior to get more done which is important to you.

It all starts with thinking about what you want most in your life and how you will go about achieving it!

Thinking, perspectives, and longevity

How do you think about your age? Do you think you’re too young or too old to do something which you want?

Do you sit around wasting too much time focused on how fast or how slow time goes by?

Do you spend too much time thinking about the past, worrying about the future and having anxiety about the present?

Worrying is a useless emotion.

If you find yourself worrying too much, then do the following: schedule on your calendar 30 minutes once a week just to worry.

When this meeting with yourself comes along just sit down and make a list of all the things you’re worried about. Then when the 30 minutes are up, forget about all of these worries until the next meeting.

Soon you will get tired of worrying!

Often, we miss the important moments in our life because our thoughts are too focused on the past or on the future.

Learning to slow down your thoughts and be more in the present is a wonderful way to think and experience your life.

Thinking in the moment will also change how you think about your life and you will see that it is not age that is important but how you think what matters the most.

Final thoughts

This article is meant to inspire you to think more often, more deeply and more positively.

Start to think more about WHAT you are thinking about and WHY?

Developing your thinking habits will enhance all aspects of your life from your health and well-being to your work and your relationships.

Start to approach your thinking as necessary and critical for a long healthy life.

Remember that the quality of your life is determined by HOW you think.

So, start to think about HOW you will think about it BEFORE you think about it!