1. Put people first
People will respond in positive ways and everyone wins.

2. Don’t ever create internal competition between people
The goal at work should always be collaboration

3. Stop silly rewards and contests
The best rewards can be the joy of one’s own work. Enable people to achieve this.

4. Rotate people often
People will gain new perspectives and contribute more.

5. Communicate often
Keep all followers fully informed on all aspects of the business if you want them to feel like partners vs. just employees.

6. Enable development
Have the best interests and development of all followers always a top priority.

7. Eliminate the annual performance appraisal
Eliminate the annual performance appraisal

8. Create a strong culture
Be a role-model of healthy, positive behaviors which followers can look up to.

9. Enable flexible schedules and fewer rules.
People will thrive when they can work without boundaries.

10. Eliminate negative language at work
Termination, probation, execution are examples.

Follow these top steps and you will join the ranks as a Humanistic Leader.

Craig Nathanson

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